Things to enjoy while Cruising in New year celebration

Things to enjoy while Cruising in New year celebration

New year is one of the most enjoyed times in the whole year and with cruising, you can add the extra advantage of being traveling with it. Cruise lines make those special arrangements so travelers can take memories during their stay. There are many family cruises on which the all the members can get together and make their holidays truly memorable. A lot of rush is expected to be the peak season with New year celebrations so it is recommended that you book the cruise early in advance to pack things accordingly. Cruiseosity has the top cruise deals during Christmas that one can book with family packages. Here are the few things one can add to their luxurious cruise trip with New year celebrations all around.

New year Decorations

Ships are given beautiful decoration at this time of the year. Corridors, Lobby’s, hall room, buffets, and tables are decorated with  accessories to mark the occasion. Decks, cabins, and pathways are also given furnished to match the occasion as well.

Traditional  Dinner

There are usual traditional  dinners on the eve of the special day with plenty of dishes and large tables for family gathering. All the traditional items are also available as per the request making travelers feel home away from home. Just make sure you book the table for a family in advance to avoid the rush at last time.

Singing and Sailing

There are special events organized leading into the new year party with singing that most of the people enjoy their travel. These unique events are more enjoyed by travelers for making their evening worthwhile as they roam around the local places in the day. For those who love to travel during holidays, cruising in the ultimate way of making their vacations memorable.

Shop & Film Festival Bonanza

If there are markets nearby your ports then shop the local markets with incredible goodies that are packed during the Christmas celebration time. Special screenings are given with all-time  movies to give travelers more things to see as they cruise in the sea from one country to another.



At Cruiseosity you are provided with best cruise deals now which has the best luxuries in the whole package around. There are many destinations for which Cruises run at this time of the year with top locations being European River Cruises, Mediterranean Cruises, Caribbean Islands with Australia & New Zealand the prime focus.  All the required information, services, itineraries, events and exhibition during your cruises are available with 24×7 communications lines for conveying the right message to the customers respectively. Book your Christmas Cruise early to pre-plan the whole journey now!

Cruise vs. Land Vacation| Cruiseosity

Cruise vs. Land Vacation| Cruiseosity

Cruises are one of the most comprehensive ways of travelling around for getting the best out of your holidays but more traditional way of touring one specific area has lot of advantages as well. Today with this blog we will discuss how these two ways of holidays are different with some contrasting features. With Cruiseosity you can get the top Cruise deals and all inclusive packages to make your journey less expensive and full of extra services.

                                                                                                       Best Cruise deal

Cruises are characterized by travelling in ships that goes from country to country with regular stops at multiple ports offering their countries diversity, cultural and architectural places to enjoy culminating with back on ship, getting prepared for your next trip respectively. Land Vacation are more of traditional one that offers only one visit to that destination although one can take time and enjoy the all around complete views with specific local places with longer duration.

With Cruises you get the constant travelling as they take their regular stops at ports with interval and simultaneously moving on to another enjoying multiple places within one journey. With Land vacation there is complete rest, enjoy week long sightseeing of the local terrains, rivers, lakes, clubs, shops and enjoy the surroundings. It completely depends on the traveler and their choice of travel, Cruises offer the short still comprehensive way to enjoy places while with the land vacation one can take their time accordingly. Land Vacation are mostly suited to only one places while if you are on Cruise then it is generally that you are going to multiple countries, see their cultures and make memories to last life time. Few Cruise Deals are inclusive that offers land as well as Cruise travel, make sure you check all the right options before booking.

For those who avoid sea travelling too much Land Vacation must be the priority while those who are looking to enjoy as much places as they can Cruises offer the right way. There will be few who find sea travel tough then they must get in the land vacation category. Cruises these days offer top luxuries and services which can be costly than those traditional holidays affecting your pockets in a big way although special discounts are available at Cruiseosity for making your trips jus the perfect one. Then there are those for whom holiday means to hang out on beaches the whole day under the sun resting completely who prefer one short land vacations. With Cruises you might need to pack extra special items as there will be too much on-off shore excursion that might create chaos where as with land vacation there is only one time packing and unpacking respectively.

Cruiseosity is one all inclusive site with complete information for best cruise deals now to make holidays worth memorizing in a great deal with all the right  features. Cruise bookings, their itineraries and inside information is provided with travelers guidance to make them more comfortable in their journey ahead. We offer 24×7 communications for dealing with customer’s queries and making things better as per their requirements.

Tailor Made Cruises for you Holiday

Tailor Made Cruises for you Holiday

Cruises are the modern way of maximizing your travel enjoyment with travelling along sea or river with multiple country port stops. A lot of luxuries and services are provided on these Cruise ships but tailor made are of complete satisfaction as they start from your door and end at your door only. Starting with pick up from your home, to air travel, hotel stays, sightseeing tours, Cruise stays, Food and lodgings, port tours, cultural shows, local tours, guides, heritage places, pick up and drop back, then final travel to back your home almost everything is covered under these Tailor made Cruises.

discounted cruises

There are always special importance to few local events, programs and places that as tourist one might not know so these tailor made cruise are there to give a comprehensive experience for your families accordingly. All requirements on the ships are taken care in one time only. These Cheap cruises have come down to be more affordable than traditional cruise only trips on many aspects. With Cruiseosity you can book any corner of the world and most of the international ship liners are available for direct booking from our platform only. All the packages offered have the added advantages of providing special features in their itineraries which travelers enjoy a lot during their journey in the cruises.

Benefits of These Tailor Made Cruises

These whole packages of Tailor made Cruise are enjoyed by people around the world with more advantages than any other travel plans. Some of their benefits we have narrowed down to get more inside information that comes with these plans respectively.

  • Comprehensive packages for complete family enjoyment
  • Door to door services with home car pickup, air travel, hotel stays, local cultural program tickets and many more accompanying services to make your holidays enjoyable
  • There are more affordable with discounted Cruises to minimize budgets spending from all corners
  • Restaurants advanced bookings, Food arrangement and local delicacies are usually inside those cruise packages
  • Extra special tours like hot balloon air trips, local festivals, dance function and places which are tourist attraction are covered in their local tours especially for these tailor made cruises only
  • Helicopter tours of famous locations are also arranged for VVIP guests
  • Cruise Ships works in tandem with local hotels and travel agency for complete luxuries for their guests during stay.

Cruiseosity is one of the online platforms where you can get all information and booking of these specific cruises one can do easily. They offer some of the Best Cruise deals now from which you can choose the right dream destinations to visit and make the most of your holidays. All major locations Sea Cruise and River Cruise are available for booking directly in coordination with original ship liners. Our communication lines are available for 24×7 for enquiries and sorting queries that comes with Cruise itineraries, booking cruises and general information that user opt for. World Cruises that goes to multiple continents with many country stops are available for booking those who plan long term cruise journey of 10 to 15 weeks.

Best Cruises for December 2017

December is the month of festivals and year end celebration all around the world. Most of the people look to end their time with vacation with families, tours and Cruises to give them some break after toiling for all year around. This month is for Meeting families, get together and Christmas to enjoy this last time of the whole year with your loved ones. Being the harsh winter month people enjoy sea journeys and shopping this time a lot. Island tours are quite popular during this time with European Christmas markets and Caribbean parties all along. Here we are going to discuss the top cruises that are best suited for this time of December.

Pacific Island Cruises have the most suitable atmosphere all around if you enjoy nature and peaceful serenity alongside luxuries. Hawaii Cruises are known to give the thrill and chill that will make for most adventurous tour you have enjoyed in life. Our Cruise deals are regularly updated offering lot of discounts and all inclusive packages to give extra benefits to the traveler always.

Caribbean Cruises runs year long but they have high tourist incoming during this season with festivals and celebration seen on the shops, streets and cruise ship as well. Florida, Bahamas, Miami and all Caribbean islands have high tourist influx during that time of the year.

European markets especially the German markets are famous for Christmas shopping with lots of varieties. River cruises in the German rivers are packed with tourist this time around so pre-booking is must. Northern lights are also famous among the extreme travelers in winter nights of Atlantic Seas.

Galapagos Islands Cruises also have high peak season during this time with six or seven day tours of this wildlife adventure. These Cruises usually start from Quito, Ecuador islands being 600 miles off coast to it as their journey revolves around the activities only while some package also involve Ecuador rain forest or with Machu Pichu in Peru.

Mexican Riviera Cruises also give good choice to start journey from west coast US cities of Los Angele’s, San Francisco or San Diego to through the cities of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas making your dream destination in December popular.

If you are fan of summer than tour down of under with Australia and New Zealand being the location perfect for hot location. Sydney and Melbourne are the main metro polities while sightseeing is enjoyed all over the Australia with New Zealand cities are throne with visitors during this time.

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Best Cruise deal of New-year and Christmas Eve 2018

 Enjoy an array of cruises

Guys, vacation time is just round the corner. It is time to make bookings and do some packing. But have you decided on the destination? Looking out for something different which is fun and out of the ordinary? Well then give the idea of Cruises a serious thought. Yes! Cruises are one of the best ways of enjoying your holidays differently with family and friends. When you opt for companies of the Caribbean of Cruiseosity you can be rest assured that you are going to have the opportunity of unlimited fun and happiness.

Wonderful cruise specials with some of the best offers:

If your vacation itinerary includes cruise holidays 2018 then you have to make your bookings through none other than Cruiseosity. They have some of the best cruise lines and there is a wide choice of cruises from which one can opt for the cruises as per one’s choice. You can sail to different locations like Cuba with the Royal Caribbean cruises or can sail through Rhine with the Viking river cruises. You also get the opportunity to select from a number of other cruises like the Disney cruise, celebrity cruise, carnival cruise, world cruises and much more.

Amazing perks for the patrons:

One of the best things that Cruiseosity has is great offers and discounts. Patrons can enjoy a number of amazing perks when they do the bookings through Cruiseosity. Just check for the best Cruise Deals now on the Cruiseosity website and get the opportunity to avail to some of the best offers and discounts. So if you thought that you might not be able to opt for a cruise holiday due to the rates, and then make use of the great deals and offers to make your dream come true. Besides offers, the travel arrangements are by far the best. The best ships and cruise lines are used. The travel and stay arrangements are of high standards. Also, when it comes to pleasing your taste buds there is proper arrangement of delectable food and drinks. That is not all!  One can enjoy some of the best entertainment facilities.

This year, make your vacation filled with fun and interesting. Give it a royal twist by opting for a cruise vacation. Just check with Cruiseosity and select the cruise as per your liking. You can explore Caribbean islands, Europe and parts of Asia with Cruiseosity. All you need to do is search for the cruises as per your requirement and make the bookings online. The rest of the things will be taken care by Cruiseosity. In case of any queries you can always check with their customer support. Have a refreshing and fun filled travel experience this holiday season by opting for the cruise specialist that is Cruiseosity.

How Itineraries define Your Cruises


Cruises offer wholesome enjoyment and thrill of vacation with ships passing through water, surrounded by amazing nature with stoppage on culturally rich heritage sites have become the testament for holidays around the world. Luxuries, services and accommodations are like hotels only with just about inside your budgets for making that Cruise comfortable all the way. Cruises have completely transformed the way people travel around the world. Every Cruise will have their itineraries in which all the important stops, timing as well days are marked so that tourists can make arrangements accordingly to that only. Making them more lucrative is what allows tourists to attract for their cruises and this makes better for both side.

Every Cruise will have its own unique itineraries which will define the journey that you are going to take with all the port stops, timing and most important the places around which you can have look for making your visit memorable accordingly. These itineraries help you to choose and select the best destinations to book your cruise with all the facilities. It includes all the important highlighted places that have local significance, have cultural value and are given prominence for visitors to make selectable choices from the beginning itself.


Adventurous places will be given special provision as people look for more opportunity for making their holidays enjoyable. Duty free markets are the number one priority for attracting tourists for purchasing those unique items from the foreign markets as things to remember in their homes as they grow old. Cruise liners also make special arrangements for their tourist with local events, wine tasting, dance and cultural show to make things more interesting in the foreign land as well to attract more tourists with their itineraries only. Beaches and rest places are also marked separately so that visitors can enjoy the right sun and sand to restore their life energy and bath in the glory of the nature.

In Western Mediterranean Cruise the famous places that will be in the itinerary for sure are Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Ancient sites in Rome, Wine areas in France as well as day trips to the Italy’s amazing Cinque Terre.  A typical cruise to Alaska may include Glacier bay, Yukon Route Railroad, Skagway White Pass and enjoy kayak, Canoe as well as hike to the Juneau to mesmerize in the surrounding of the Mendenhall Glacier. An itinerary for Caribbean Cruise may include the ports as per the east or western side the Cruise is going along with private beaches, duty free markets and passages that are along the ways. River Cruise most often takes places where the course itself is just natural wonder itself with heritage sites stop that makes up for complete cruising.

Cruiseosity is one of the leading online platforms for booking your amazing journey with Discounted Cruises all over the world. We offer cruise from all the continents and cruise liners from all the international routes making your journey packages affordable right away. Our communication lines are open 24×7 to deliver the optimum services for users who have any queries regarding their dream destinations. All the discount, deals and coupons that will fetch maximum benefits to your next trip are available on Cruiseosity only with right approach.


De-Mystifying the world of Exotic Cruises


World is full of amazing places, unique natural paradises and wonders that are exotic, far away from rest and offers the peace of mind that most of human being looks for after busting their mind in this complex life that we live today. A lot of places are considered exotic as per their impeccable natural surroundings and makes up for the adventure if you are up for going to the destination in ships. Travelling is surely the top thing that people do during their lifetime for enjoyment. Thrill of a new place, natural beauty, travelling in sea, enjoying the views while culminating yourself in the heritage of that country is what Cruises offer in their all-round packages. Cruises have become the most satisfying holidays for people all around the world. With Cruiseosity you are assured of getting the Best Cruise Deals Now to get all important services in your package with.

Antarctica is one place that is far away from the rest of the world reserved for scientists to make new discoveries in this frozen continent. But as the weather allows intermittent schedule for cruises to this exotic snow land with scintillating views, quenching thrust for more adventure tourists in their way.

Indian Oceanic beauty with blue sky and never ending sea line views all entices tourists from all over the world to this famous place. These cruises are often mixed with visits of the ancient cultural visits to Indonesia, Singapore and India that will store permanently in your memory for lifetime.

Baltic Sea is another popular destination with itineraries including places of Estonia, Norway, Sweden and nearby fjords & islands with snow laden places to embark on a journey that will give you Goosebumps on next corner.

Caribbean with its amazing list of islands is one of the most visited cruise place that have visitors round the year enjoying music and locations all along.

Pacific islands are also famous for their peacefulness along with natural beauty with full of sea, sun and sand places. Fiji and Marshall Islands, Tahiti offers lot of exoticness for viewers with private beaches to be in the comfort of nature for your holidays.

With being the largest river in the world surrounded by the rainforest Amazon River cruises has some of the most inhabitants’ routes. Ships roam the river along the Brazil and Peru country with specific itineraries that you can choose and select as per your wish.

Arctic is another exotic cruise destination that is full of remote destinations, wildlife animals, natural scenery and also being the south pole of the planet earth.

Cruiseosity is one of the leading online platforms that offer lot of Cruise Deals and information for making your holidays the most memorable one. Booking is easy with all the options that you can check the precise information and get ahead of planning to make the most of your time with Cruiseosity. Our communication lines are open 24×7 to the public for delivering the smooth cruise booking from Cruiseosity respectively. Cruise itineraries, dream vacations, packages with all inclusive tours are there to make your journey more comfortable and promising.