Find best cruise deal of 2018 | Cruiseosity

Find best cruise deal of 2018 | Cruiseosity

Do you plan to go on a cruise but are a bit worried about its high rocket prices? Are your cruise trip plans were nipped in the bud itself earlier due to the pricing. Let me tell you a secret… if you follow it you would never, ever have to pay a full price again for any cruise vacation. Only you need to search the right place at the right time.

Rule no.1- Do not book your cruise holidays directly from the cruise liners itself or the travel agents. When you book through travel agents you sometimes end up paying even extra the actual price. You need to check out the best cruise vacation planner websites like Cruiseosity to get the lowest price possible.

How to make the best use of the website?

  1. First of all you need to sign up for free to become a member of the site so that you can access various best cruise deals.
  2. You will be able to access the last minute cruise deals. These are usually the deals that consist of the cruise liners that are to be deportedwithin the next three months. The cabin prices you will find here will be slashed by as high as 80%.
  3. Even if you do not want to leave all the planning for the end you will still find the best cruise deals for almost all parts of the world.
  4. Besides when you make payments, you will find various coupons to apply for which would further reduce the pricing by as high as 75%. So it is in all a win-win deal.

What else? There are plans like if you purchase tickets for five people then you a sixth person can accompany you and he/she has to pay not a single penny but only taxes.

The cruise deals also have certain best offers like giving shipboard credit or free land activities for upgrading rooms. There are also various inclusive deals where you can avail certain extras like unlimited drinks, parlor, massage, just at throwaway prices.  Besides this you earn the loyalty points from these websites once you make a cruise booking from these websites which you can avail in the future trips which you can use in your future cruise trips to reduce the costs.

So what are you waiting for? Avoid long queues in the travel agent cabin and instead book online. It will be a lot more hassle-free plus you will be avail to unearth certain exciting cruise deals which will reduce your prices and make your journey more exciting and sweeter.


Royal Caribbean Cruise deals


Royal Caribbean Cruise deals

For all those thrill seekers who wanna go to far-flung destinations away from the daily melancholic life royal Caribbean deals are certainly for them. A Royal Caribbean cruise deal is the one-stop solution for all the thrills required to make your holidays thrilling and exciting. Just forget about trekking overland, spending hours stuck in traffic in the most treacherous roads across the world. Instead enjoy thrilling activities ranging from skydiving to zip lining to surfing to snowboarding on a single trip with the Royal Caribbean cruises.

Visit multiple destinations on one holiday

What’s best for the Royal Caribbean cruise is that you visit multiple destinations while you are on one holiday. It also offers a vast range of worldwide destinations from Mediterranean cruises, Northern Europe, Asia, and Alaska and of course The Caribbean.Wanna enjoy in the tropics? Begin your journey from Port Canaveral in Florida,stopping in the Bahamas, St Thomas and St Marten over a span of eight days with an Eastern Caribbean cruise. Or are you are a fan of calypso culture and Mexican foods? Then come and experience the magic of Mexico and Central America via Honduras, Belize, Costa Maya and Cozumel. Allured the fantastic east? Then you can opt for with amazing value cruise itineraries to Dubai, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. If there’s a place you have always wanted to go even then Royal Caribbean cruise with its exciting deals always has a plan for that.

What activities can you enjoy on –board?

As its tagline “where Extraordinary happens and certainly” convey, Royal Caribbean Cruise certainly lives to it. There are many activities online that you would not ever find in any other cruise liners. You will certainly not suffer from seasickness and your time will be filled with endless amount of fun. Here are some of the most fun-loving activities available-

  1. You will find the exquisite 40ft Flo Rider surf simulator available on all Quantum, Oasis, and Freedom class ships, Voyager, Explorer and Navigator of the Seas. With 6,000 gallons of fast-moving water, your attempt at surfing on the high-seaswill be visible to all on the giant TV screen attached sideways.
  2. The North Star is a futuristic viewing platform 300 ft. above the sea.You will get a breath-taking 360-degree view of the entire ship and the world beyond. It is available on Quantum class.
  3. Traveling with your family? Try Seaplex- a revolutionary indoor game center that will keep the young and old entertained for hours. From bumper cars to a roller skating rink to Xbox Live and a Circus School even a floating DJ booth and the first food truck at –you will get everything you ask for and will never, ever get bored.

So book you all-inclusive Royal Caribbean cruise deal today…

Best Month to Cruise in the Caribbean

Best Month to Cruise in the Caribbean

Are you thinking of taking a break from your melancholic and monotonous life? Are you planning to go on an adventurous trip which will exhilarate your soul and will rejuvenate your energies? Are you planning an all-inclusive cruise deal in the Caribbean? Yes! But are confused when to go or which season to go. Right? Well if you are in the same dilemma than just go through the article and most probably you get your answer by the end.

For starters let me tell you unlike the misconceptions the Caribbean is not a single island but an archipelago of 7000 islands comprising of 26 different countries. Each Caribbean port has its own culture and heritage. However one thing is surprisingly similar- Guess what? Weather. So again against the misconception weather plays an almost negligible role when you search for the best cruise deal to the Caribbean unlike most places.

Ports are open all around the year so you can easily plan your vacations keeping your holidays in mind. The most prominent factor that affects your decision for the month of travel is the pricing. It ranges from extremely pocket-friendlytwodigits to as mind-bogglingly high as a five-digit per person pricing. However even in the peak season you can look out for best cruise deals which can significantly cut the price. Besides temperatures also play a minor role in June- July can get extremely warm particularly for people from the Nordic Regions. Besides the holiday season particularly the Christmas weekend can get extremely overpriced. So for travelers who are on a tight budget try avoiding it.

Considering all the above factors, according to me, the best month rather season for your all-inclusive cruise deal is March/ April. And here’s why.


The weather is at its best and you can feel the Caribbean calypso beat in your nerves.


Not the lowest but the best value for money. Extremely competitive at $100 per person per night. If you are able to avail best cruise deals it can even get significantly lower.


Higher but considering the Caribbean weather not at the peak. Bahamas or Trinidad is particularly in the lower 90s.

Rainfall/sea conditions

Rainfall wouldn’t spoil your beach party. Sea would be more than pleasant for surfing with now hurricanes around. However there can be scanty rainfall in Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands.

What to pack?

If you are bothered by crowds, just bring your headphones and earplugs.


Virgin Gorda holds a weekend filled with exciting activities and the beautiful calypso music festival during Easter. Jamaicans are in full festive mood with wild parties and parades locally known as Bacchanal during both the months.

Look out for-

As it is off in schools and colleges, expect a bustling atmosphere.

So according to me plan your all-inclusive cruise deal to the Caribbean in March-April. There are many best cruise deals avail as an add-on. So book your tickets now!!!!



Royal  Caribbean Cruises | Royal Caribbean Cruise deal

Royal Caribbean Cruises | Royal Caribbean Cruise deal


Won’t it be amazing to go on a cruise trip and live like royals? Experiencing all that extravagance and that too on a cruise ship can truly be everybody’s fantasy. And Royal Caribbean Cruises exactly does that for you. It can rightly be said that the name suggests it all.

When the wave season is up, you just have to get out and set to sail. There are a- lot-of cruise companies who offer amazing deals and packages. But what makes the Royal Caribbean Cruises more special is that they treat everyone with new and exciting offers all the time! From 50% off on the second guest to suites and balcony bonus, there is a lot of ‘em. So let us see what the Royal Caribbean Cruise deals talk about.


The new feature that everyone is talking about is the new and updated smartphone app that lets you select the cruise ship of your choice. The passengers on Allure, the cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises under the Seas and Symphony of the Seas, can make dinner reservations for restaurants on the cruise ship available on the app and do an online check-in which is pretty easy and convenient. You can also know more about the original shows and activities onboard on the app itself.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise also offers original shows that are power-packed with energy, technology, and creativity. It also displays aqua shows with skilled professionals who perform stunts like never seen before. The best part about these shows is that each show is uniquely different from one another.

The cruisers can enjoy a different show every day. It has also offered a new saver sale where the kids could geta sale for free and 30% off on every guest. Thisreally is a deal-breaker offer. It is just too hard to say no to something like this, isn’t it? There is a lot more that RCCL has to offer. The new Royal Amplified is the effort of Royal Caribbean Cruises to make the experience of its guests more memorable with new and innovative ideas. One of the features of this effort is the specialized pool spaces. Doesn’t it sound amazing!


As the name suggests, there is nothing less royal than the Royal Caribbean Cruises. It offers luxurious bedrooms, marvelous suites, world-class service and what not. It provides the best opportunity just to unwind and live in the moment. It is not only the world’s second-largest cruise line but also bestows the best experience of the lives of their cruisers.

The Royal Caribbean Cruises always make sure that the time spent by each passenger on any of its ships become a once in a lifetime- never to miss the opportunity. RCCL always try to reimagine their cruise ships to bring the best out of everything for its guests. With each coming year, Royal Caribbean Cruise has outdone itself and has offered jaw-dropping deals to make your cruising experience one of a kind.

Keep up with all these offers and anchor your way to enchanting stories to tell with Royal Caribbean Cruise.



Cruising Just Got Better

Isn’t going on a cruise trip, the best way to spend your holidays?Living in the middle of the ocean amongst people of various colorful backgrounds.But there is always a question of how to deal with those high prices that acts like a ball and chain in your pocket. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because we have got you covered.

Planning a cruise trip takes a lot of time and awareness because you don’t want to fall prey of the big bills at the end of your trip that makes you feel guilty for those extra sangrias you had.And no one should feel guilty ever for sangrias, right?And therefore we are going to tell you exactly what to do to prevent that from happening.



 Cruise deals are always cheaper at the very beginning of bookings and at the end when it gets closer to the departure date. So, always make sure to book far ahead to the departure date. Or else, go for the last-minute bookings. This is because cruise ships never want to hit the trail with half-empty ships. For them, fewer passengers= less money. Hence, they lower their prices as it gets closer to departure and you can get the lowest prices for your cruise trip. How simple!

Also, if you want to book a particular cabin then always prefer to do that in the very beginning. This way, you get to stay in your choice of cabin andyou don’t have to stress yourself for the price you paid. Along with this, you can always go for a smaller cruise. The maintenance of a smaller cruise is comparatively less and hence you are not required to pay high prices. It is that easy!


If you want to book the Best cruise deals always try to go for off-season cruising. It is much cheaper than cruising during the peak time. There are repositioning cruise ships that cross one continent/country to another for the holiday season in that continent/country. Comparatively, these cruise ships are cheaper. Book your flight tickets yourself. Do not go for flight booking provided by cruise deals. Booking by yourself is always good for your pocket. Also, on a cruise ship, you are allowed to carry one bottle of water and a bottle of wine which can save your cost on drinks to some extent.


Try to skip beverages that are offered on the ship. They can be a bit overpriced. It takes courage to say no to a glass of champagne but if you want to save those extra bucks then you need to prepare yourself!

If you are willing to, avoid going to a high-end restaurant on the cruise and stick to a smaller decent restaurant. It is always the best option. If you want to go on an excursion then plan it by yourself. This way you save money from the overpriced cruise-provided shore excursions. But keep it in your mind to come back to the cruise in time for the departure. You can also save money by avoiding professional photographers. Instead, you can bring your camera and take your pictures. Is there anything better than a cruise trip to show off your photography skills? Don’t think so!

So start planning your cruise trip and be a smart traveler by always opting for money-saving cheap cruise deals.Minimum stress on your pocket and maximum fun!

All inclusive Cruises with Cruiseosity

All inclusive Cruises with Cruiseosity


Imagine a world surrounded by blue infinite water, peaceful and serene atmosphere with calm breeze blowing, your hair twirling, rising up to the beautiful morning sun rays, diving yourself in the fun activities like swimming, hiking, snorkeling with a bunch of other joyful people around you; who doesn’t like to be at such a place?Yes, travelling across cities, countries and all around the world is now more exciting and affordable with the journey on a cruise. While planning a vacation this exciting world can be in your hand if you wish to.A cruise ship offers all the wonders you can imagine. Right from the fun activities and peaceful music, a comfortable and luxurious stay is also welcomed. There are various inclusive amenities like clubs, sports, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, pool, and many others. All of them come with all-inclusive cruise deals.


One can spend their time lavishly in a bar playing snooker, dancing on the tunes, enjoying every sip of the drink with other people around who’ll be engaged in the same stuff (this is the best part). There is a proper arrangement for every section that’ll take care of you while you are having fun. There is a word associated or closely related tothe journey on a cruise ship and that is FUN. F stands for fresh, U stands for untouched and N stands for new. This word fun is closely related because of the new and fresh experience one can enjoy on a cruise ship.One very sure advantage of being on such a travel means is that you never feel tired. It is always a rejuvenating, lovely venture on being on a ship since the extra vagating aura around you is so energizing.


Now, some of the basic things required for being in such a place is, number one you need to leave behind all the worries and tensions of the world (obviously because you’re on vacation), secondly you need to carry your passport and all the important documents that you feel should be there with you wherever you go and obviously your backpack and essentials that should include attire for every occasion like being in a pool or a beach or some concert or spa or some restaurant and other wonderful places to be. For this purpose one should definitely talk once to their travel agents (yes, they do play an important role).

For enjoying all these lavish facilities and exploring this mini-city with all the worldly things available, you should first talk to the travel agent, find out the best prices and deals, book the tickets, be on the cruise ship, step out of your lovely bed and luxurious room (I know it’s difficult but it is worthy) and enjoy the pleasing nature, sea water, interact with new people and have fun.I hope your stay becomes memorable, fun-filled, safe and healthy. Enjoy.



The Caribbean cruises – A Synonym For Sea Cruising

The Caribbean cruises – A Synonym For Sea Cruising

Whether you’re going for the cruise for the first time looking for some quality time and holidays or you are an experienced and a veteran cruiser who goes for the cruise every season, The Royal Caribbean cruise would not disappoint you in either of the cases. It offers you the adventures and experiences that would remain embedded in your life and memory forever. With the world’s most luxurious and entertaining cruise liners, you would certainly never complain.

The cruise liners like Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas and Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas are in fact known as trend setters when it comes to comfort and elegance. With more than 20 restaurant options across its fleet, including the Windjammer Café, gigantic 3d movie screens, yoga classes for fitness freaks, a forty foot long surfing pool along with many other luxuries you would certainly leave behind your life on the shore and will begin an entirely new journey that you had never experienced before.

Caribbean cruises through its widely acclaimed cruise liners take you to faraway destinations known for their natural beauty like the colorful Caribbean, icing Alaska, picturesque European ports, untouched Pacific and beyond. So whether you are planning to celebrate the golden jubilee of your anniversary or just organising a family gets together, the best Caribbean cruises are not going to disappoint you whatever the reason for the celebration is.

Royal Caribbean Cruises are back in 2018 with a bang to make your vacations more interesting. With a lot of offers, it is certainly shaping to be an exciting time for a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. And if you are looking for the best European cruises than with many new and tailor-made plans, the stakes are truly high. This 2018, explore the Old World Wonders of the world in a completely new way with the best European Cruises. Here are some of the best European cruises that you can consider to make your summers more enjoyable:

  1. Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

This is a new destination in the already illustrated destination list of the best Caribbean cruises. Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean with the Symphony of the Seas as it marks the return of the Oasis-class liners, one of the best Caribbean cruise liners to Europe. If the vacations are short and the budget is tight, you can also opt for Brilliance of the Seas-  a Radiance class favourite. If you are ready to spend some penny and want to get lost in the beauty of the Mediterranean than you can board for Vision of the Seas from the historic city of Barcelona on a 12-night long adventure.

  1. Western Mediterranean Cruises

This is one of the best European cruises in which history and the myth converge with each other. From the Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona to the French Riviera in Monte Carlo, you will certainly get a perfect blend of art and history. Book for freedom of the seas and enjoy the beautiful Spanish landmarks, the Italian landscapes,and the French legacy all at once.

  1. Northern European Cruises

You might have seen many panoramic scenes of Northern Europe in movies, Harry Porter series to name a few. Do you consider visiting there? Well if the answer is yes, then there is no better way than in one of the best Caribbean cruises in the form of Serenade of the Seas. Lose yourself in the charming beauty of the landscapes in Denmark, Norway and other Balkan nations, get mesmerised by the gilded beauty of Saint Petersburg, Russia or help yourselves with the famous German bier in Berlin.

  1. Transatlantic Cruises

This journey is made for the bold as it is carried across some of the most fearsome seas of the world. If you love the adventure and ready to take the challenge then this is one of the best Caribbean cruises you can enjoy. Explore Ponta Delgada an old world wonder or sail through the strait of Gibraltar, the southernmost point of Europe.It involves sail from Europe to Americas and vice versa.

So what are you waiting for? Visit and book your tickets for the next European tour now…. Hurry!!!!!