Enjoy the Snow Wonderland of Antarctica Cruise


Cruises are one of the most enjoyed vacations for tourists around the world and if you can add snow to this journey it might add in to your lifetime memories completely. Snow cover land will provide the nature in its pristine form with mesmerising views that will make up for perfect Cruise journey. Although this land is far away from the earth habitat area, but offers great perspective of fauna and flora to make way for impeccable sightseeing in combination with nature white beauty. There are many cruise lines which offer their itinerary for this land and you must choose the Cruise Deals that fits timing, budget as well schedule perfectly.  Although be prepared for changes, journey way and other weather changes due to unpredictable natural phenomenon that are possible in this distinctive land of Antarctica.


Trips to Antarctica more probably start from the Ushuaia Argentina or Punta Arenas Chile from where you will board the ship and start your adventure in the snowland respectively. There are also few cruises that start and end their journey in Australia or New Zealand if you are adding eastern Antarctica and Ross Sea in your itinerary. Trips duration will be from minimum one week that can prolong according to the activities and itinerary to almost 3-4 week as per schedules. Although small ships are more preferable in this type of environmental surroundings but luxury ships and combos of air journey with cruise adventure packages are available that are pre-planned for trip to Antarctica.

Antarctica Peninsula, South Shetland Islands and The Lamaire Channel offer some of the breathtaking views of this region. This area is also the most sought to being easily accessible for enjoying wildlife specially. Ross Sea cruises are long and include visits to volcanic Ross Island, Ross Ice Shelf and you might also get to enjoy the Peter Island and Macquaire Island as you move closer to the New Zealand. Weddell Sea is in east parts with low visits due to clogging of massive icebergs along the way.

There are many activities that are enjoyed by tourist even in this harsh winter land which includes camping, Sea Kayaking and some enjoy skiing as well. There are selected few places too which offers helicopter shuttles and flight-seeing. Some cruise packages also include on-board lectures about oceanography, wildlife adventure, geology and natural history pertaining to the land that gives insightful information about what you are going to experience in this incredible journey from this far point of the earth.

Timing is of utmost importance if you are looking to journey in this amazing snow covered Antarctica land. Best timing starts from November in which you explore the best parts of this cruise. While in December and January offer huge sunlight’s with warm temperatures as well as Penguins view throughout to make things more beautiful. For whale watchers, the right time is from Mid-February to March with temperature starts to drop being too cold in the later half.If you are looking to get the Best Cruise Deals for your next Antarctica cruise then Cruiseosity is one online platform which offers comprehensive packages all along.


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