Things to Enjoy While Cruising in Bermuda


British Colony of Bermuda is one such dream destination for Cruises where repeat rate of visitors is one of the highest of the world for their comfort and luxury the place provides. These groups of islands have some of the perfect mix up of natural sightseeing’s and magnificent places to enjoy while you stay at Bermuda. Museums, Golf Courses, Beaches and far sighted see will make the impeccable picturesque for your holidays that will stay in memories for lifetime. With Cruiseosity you are assured with best time of your life while cruising in Bermuda in Ships that are full of services and luxurious. This place is one of the hottest dream destinations for people around the world and location on the global position also provides the right surrounding make it one of travel paradise. Place has gained popularity and tourists influx has made Bermuda one of the top destinations with Cruises almost all around the year.

Natural Scenery

At Bermuda one can enjoy all the natural places in their true colors with spectacular views that will mesmerize you completely. Endless Blue Ocean, Pink Sandy Beaches, Greenery of grasses, historical architecture will add into the impeccable sightseeing that will provide complete satisfaction while you are in one of the most wondrous places on Earth. Golf Courses offers one of the most luxurious and amazing views that will re-energize the spirit of your vacation time.

If you are booking your cruise to Bermuda, the season starts from April which runs to few early November. Although October is the month for rains there are few cruises that everyone enjoys even that time while if the storm is coming the routes for your ship might turn into New England or Canada. At Cruiseosity, you will find the all required information with guidelines with itineraries so one can make sure plan ahead of their time with best Discounted Cruises offered always. Norwegian Cruises, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean offers regular booking to this place while there are occasional bookings from other major cruise liners too that include Carnival, Azmara, MSC Cruises, Windstar, Silversa, Princess and Holland America. Regent Seven Seas also runs special cruise that make stops at Bermuda, Bahamas and Southeastern United States respectively.


The whole itinerary to Bermuda takes five to seven days on regular courses while there are 2 weeks long Cruises that also include Canada, New England and Bermuda back to back that includes Quebec City too. There are also transatlantic cruises that docks for day or two in Bermuda during their whole journey while some also includes Florida complete US coast trips to include Bermuda as well. King’s Wharf is one of the places where most of the Cruise ships dock being Royal Naval Dockyard with largest port in the island and part of the Cruise itinerary too. Two- to three-night stay is generally common at this dock while another stop at Hamilton or St George is also added to the itinerary. New York, Boston, Bayyone/Cape Liberty and Baltimore are the common departure ports for Bermuda cruises.

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Best Cruises for Every Month


Cruises are considered one of the most luxurious and adventurous time you are going to spent in your vacation ever. Travelling by ship, tiptoeing at the ports and visiting the culture filled atmosphere of world famous sites the time become memorable with all the importance of these historical places. If planning is right one can take time and make their itinerary for every month for exploring these places almost every month accordingly. At Cruiseosity you will find the most suitable match for next perfect Cruises journey with entire family.

Starting with January this time is best months to visit the SouthEast Asian area with Cruising at river Mekong considered the right time to make new memories for this culture and heritage filled area. Sail along the Cambodia and Vietnam with shopping at regular stops at Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap. Free from any rains and downpour this is exactly the time to begin your year on holiday note. While South America, Caribbean, Central American and Antarctica there are lot of cruises which have attracts high number of visitors as well.

For February Antarctica and South America are the two cruise places which are just the ideal match for booking vacations. This is time when shoreline clears for snow and whale watching in the Antarctica region. Warm temperatures, sunny deck and walk through the world heritage sites in Santiago, Beuno Aires and Rio De Janeiro. There are many Cheap Cruises that one can choose and make their itinerary with all the benefits accordingly. Mexico, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Central and South America areas also attracts lot of traffic during that time too.


March is the time of Tulip rising which gives way to river cruising in Belgium and Netherlands respectively available in time of March and April only. Keukenhof Gardens along with Tulip flower beauty along the way will give you wondrous time to enjoy nature’s beauty. Southeast Asia tours, Central and South American regions are also crowded at this time as well.

For April, May and June the areas are Caribbean, Mediterranean and Alaska. With spring break gone Caribbean is almost uncrowded at most of its Islands and enjoy the tremendous appeal of the place with heritage and fun filled night parties while tulip river cruises are still one of the most enjoyed in the month of April too. Mediterranean is the favorite for the month of May, with winter gone, mild hot season with tourist season yet to hit walk through the ports easily while roaming around Athens, Venice, Rome, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Spain for making the most of this region. While the cruises through Alaska, are the memorable during this time of May and June specially. June is the month that is subjected to give the delightful views of Bermuda with departure from New York, Boston and Baltimore.

For July and August the best cruises are from Northern Europe and Iceland with mesmerizing nature beauty for alluring the tourists with their remarkable views all around. Alaska inside passage ways are most favourable in the month of July but can’t predict weather for that region. Baltics, Fjords of Norway, British Isles, Iceland, Greenland and Arctic Svalbard are the best journey around this time.

In September and October you can enjoy the best sightseeing’s from the South Pacific and Hawaii islands with transatlantic voyages also quite enjoyable at this time too. While Canada and new England are best to travel during the time of month of October considerably. Quebec City is best under fall with trees full of red, orange and yellow covering from the nature itself.

Booking are best for November at Rhine and Danube rivers with trips to Antarctica where the pathways are taken good at intervals passing the weathers. Many also like to visit Hawaii islands during this time of November. But the most awakening time to visit is European Christmas markets which are filled with seasonal greetings from that area specifically.

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Enjoy the Snow Wonderland of Antarctica Cruise


Cruises are one of the most enjoyed vacations for tourists around the world and if you can add snow to this journey it might add in to your lifetime memories completely. Snow cover land will provide the nature in its pristine form with mesmerising views that will make up for perfect Cruise journey. Although this land is far away from the earth habitat area, but offers great perspective of fauna and flora to make way for impeccable sightseeing in combination with nature white beauty. There are many cruise lines which offer their itinerary for this land and you must choose the Cruise Deals that fits timing, budget as well schedule perfectly.  Although be prepared for changes, journey way and other weather changes due to unpredictable natural phenomenon that are possible in this distinctive land of Antarctica.


Trips to Antarctica more probably start from the Ushuaia Argentina or Punta Arenas Chile from where you will board the ship and start your adventure in the snowland respectively. There are also few cruises that start and end their journey in Australia or New Zealand if you are adding eastern Antarctica and Ross Sea in your itinerary. Trips duration will be from minimum one week that can prolong according to the activities and itinerary to almost 3-4 week as per schedules. Although small ships are more preferable in this type of environmental surroundings but luxury ships and combos of air journey with cruise adventure packages are available that are pre-planned for trip to Antarctica.

Antarctica Peninsula, South Shetland Islands and The Lamaire Channel offer some of the breathtaking views of this region. This area is also the most sought to being easily accessible for enjoying wildlife specially. Ross Sea cruises are long and include visits to volcanic Ross Island, Ross Ice Shelf and you might also get to enjoy the Peter Island and Macquaire Island as you move closer to the New Zealand. Weddell Sea is in east parts with low visits due to clogging of massive icebergs along the way.

There are many activities that are enjoyed by tourist even in this harsh winter land which includes camping, Sea Kayaking and some enjoy skiing as well. There are selected few places too which offers helicopter shuttles and flight-seeing. Some cruise packages also include on-board lectures about oceanography, wildlife adventure, geology and natural history pertaining to the land that gives insightful information about what you are going to experience in this incredible journey from this far point of the earth.

Timing is of utmost importance if you are looking to journey in this amazing snow covered Antarctica land. Best timing starts from November in which you explore the best parts of this cruise. While in December and January offer huge sunlight’s with warm temperatures as well as Penguins view throughout to make things more beautiful. For whale watchers, the right time is from Mid-February to March with temperature starts to drop being too cold in the later half.If you are looking to get the Best Cruise Deals for your next Antarctica cruise then Cruiseosity is one online platform which offers comprehensive packages all along.

Plan Your Next Cruise with These Easy Steps

When you are plan for holidays Cruises must be in your mind as they are one of the wholesome entertaining packages. Cruises will take you on the paths that are entertaining and when mixed with luxury, they are the one that will give lifetime memories. Then follow these easy steps to make your journey the best while enjoying the maximum benefits along with.

  1. Finalize Location: Cruises these days goes mostly all over the world, go through their itinerary, your liking, places, culture, countries they stop at and budgets that will fit right into your pockets more effectively. Pacific Ocean, Caribbean, Mediterranean, European rivers, Asian rivers, Alaska, Antarctica and so on there are so many to choose from. If you have limited budget then look for areas that cover nearby countries while if you have budgets enjoy those global tours and see the world when you can enjoying the life completely. Once you have finalized the location now go for the Best Cruise Deals the liners offers through all the means.
  2. Pre-Planning: You must pre-plan for all the holidays and be flexible for the days that are included in the holidays. This could be taking few days rest for packing rightly before going for week long journey across oceans, continents and river that will amaze you with scintillation displays. All the things required must have checklist so you can plan accordingly so when you are in the actually time of vacation mood things don’t fall short in mid way. Cruises can be booked months in advance and there are also last minute cruise deals that lines throw to fill their seats with maximum discounts. Check all the details about cancelling and booking in emergency with all the necessary requirements.
  3. Approach Online and Offline

With digitization most and internet being available 24×7 there are online platforms for almost all major companies that offer high discounts and Cruise Deals directly on their website. But there are many 3rd party platforms like Cruiseosity where you can enjoy extra benefits as well. These offer extra credits and discounts if bookings are done through their platform respectively.


Travel Agents for Cruises also can be the right person for guiding you effectively on Best Cruise Deals Now. As they are available for personal meeting and gives you inside information for exploiting the best services while you cruise for those magnificent places. That extra room dinning offer, night time room service arrangements or the morning coffee all the insiders data they have.

  1. Compare for Best Prices and Book

As you have compiled the location and prices from online as well offline, now compare the prices separately for service, comfort and luxury. Now go for booking with the best offer and enjoy your Cruise basking in the surroundings with all the cool locations. Port location from where the Cruise is taking must also be noticed so you can come at the right time with airport and taxi bookings as well. Some Cruise liners offer complete package right from your home, try to get involved with the right agent that can get your booking done form home to home services easily.

At Cruiseosity we take pride in fetching the accurate information for our customers so they can enjoy their vacation time completely without any hassle. All the services offered and places are provided with itinerary so you can plan beforehand accordingly. We are also available 24×7 for any communication and enquiries regarding cruise information.



Cruise Secrets That Everyone Must Know


Cruises are the best way to enjoy vacation in these modern times. Enjoying the warm sun, travelling in luxury ship and checking out the ports & cities for their culture, history and architecture altogether combined in one cruise journey only. These luxury ships have become the number one destinations for getting the max out of your holidays in minimum time frame. There are many secrets these Cruise offers that you can utilize for getting the fair deal from Cruise companies respectively. And below mentioned secrets will make your time at the journey the best in your life

  • Booking during the off-season or Wave season when there are less reservations gives you the right opportunity to capitalize on that perfect cruise within budget. There are always last minutes cancellations that one can get to make their holidays more exciting. At these times Cruise liners offer crazy deals to entice more travellers for their ship like Buy two get one free, Automatic upgrades to next level, Free dining, Extra add-ons and many other offers they throw in the make to make up for Discounted Cruises.
  • Always compare prices with different travel agents who can get you the perfect deal with right package offering.
  • Most of the cabins at the ships are made out of metal, so you must bring those magnetic clips to hang items where you desire them easily.
  • All the Cruises have room service that you can exploit fully during any time day or night at your choice with some even offering free except for service charges only.
  • At buffet you can enjoy the all food and ask the service guys for that extra offering that you can get for absolutely free. Branded products are charged but there are always free versions to enjoy with exclusively making your journey better all the time.
  • There are always extra offers in line for those who dine their first night at Speciality restaurant although few charges are extra but you will enjoy that free bottle of wine too.
  • At all the places you will find those complimentary snacks so don’t be shy and ask to taste that perfectly looking piece of gourmet food.
  • At bars enjoying one or two glasses of wine might cost you too much, so it better that you order the whole bottle right away. Waiter will mark the bottle with your room so you enjoy that at your room later any time.
  • There are always free drinks or iced tea from the room service, check out with the service staff to avail the maximum benefit during your whole trip.
  • Cabins always have shortage of electronic outlets with travellers using many devices at once, tuck in that extra charging station or power strip while you start packing.
  • Sea journey most often brings upon that Seasickness for those who travel for the first time but room service people have the right remedies that can get you upright in no time for free.


These are general hacks that you can use while cruising, while every Cruise company will offer specific secrets that you can exploit for benefit. Book your journey for next cruise destination now to know more. At Cruiseosity you will find some of the foremost Cruise deals that will make your whole journey wholesome pleasant. Our Packages are full of Cheap cruises that you can book any time and get more correct information right away with our 24×7 communications.

Exploring the Cruises down Under


Down under’ is special term used to refer countries that are seen on the lower side of the World map, where you can explore some of the extremities of Australia, New Zealand and pacific Islands with the comfort of luxury cruises. In last few decades there has been tremendous increase in the travel industry with luxury cruises as travellers find this conclusive journey of ship along with multiple port stops for making the best use of their time and enjoying altogether.  Many cruise companies offers the right time and season that can use for pre-booking on these amazing tours in down under. You use choose and select the Best Cruise Deals Now in respect for making journey more affordable with family or people you like to travel with.

Australian country has some of the extreme geographical conditions that are enjoyed by travellers all across this country. White Sandy beaches, World Class museums, Great Barrier Reef, high tide surfing,  Sydney Harbour Bridge, shopping port cities and opera house awaits your adventurous journey in this country site. Many adventurers also like the local wildlife this land throws that is habitat on this part of the world only with Kangaroos and Koalas sure standing out as famous for their unique traits. In New Zealand port views are just perfect with their impeccable views for tourists with cliffs, fjords to add in to your lifetime memories and offer wide range for Wine lovers to make their stay on port worth. Enjoying the views from top of the Auckland Sky Tower as you are raised in glass elevators is breathtaking in itself. Indigenous people also have historical importance in both of these country and Hakka warrior dance in popular all over the world being played by New Zealand rugby teams in calling ancient spirits for giving boost to their energy during their game.

583fc0df7ab23Main ports in Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Hamilton Island, Perth, Eden and Darwin with many other one that has significant importance as well. Whereas New Zealand being the island country itself has some of the best geographical views with Auckland, Akaroa, Bay of Islands, Christchurch, Dunedin, Gisborne, Napier, Picton, Rotorua and Wellington as the main port cities for getting to know these beautiful country in all aspects.  Azmara Club Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises are the major companies that have regular schedules for pre-booking your holidays in this amazing land of Australia and New Zealand respectively.

For those want to get these exclusive holidays with Discounted Cruises, Cruiseosity is one of the best online platform where all the information is available from single point. We are also available for communication via email or phone for satisfying any curious info you are looking in your dream destinations. These country cruises are best suited to make the most of your holidays as within short time one gets to travel within main port cities along with the adventure of Sea and river journey in the luxury of cruises simultaneously.

Top 7 Accessories to make your Cruise Journey More Comfortable

Top 7 Accessories to make your Cruise Journey More Comfortable

Cruises journey begins not only from the ship but from the day you booked the itinerary. One must create checklist of the entire necessary item that must be inside your luggage. Even some of them might be small in size but in journey of weeks these things matter the most and will let you enjoy these cruise vacation with more adventure as well as comfort of home too. Here we are narrowing down these product lists below:

  1. Power Charging Solutions: With lot of modern gadgets available in the market these charging them can be the one issue that might give unnecessary headaches if you are travelling far away from your country. These specific power charging solutions cater to all smartphones, iPhones, Kindle, laptops, tablets, trimmers, irons, camera chargers etc for using them again and again over entire cruise journey.
  2. Lock Box (Portable): There will be times when you need to bath in the pool or swim in sea while precious items are put safely inside these portable lock boxes which must be attached with heavy furniture item to avoid any loss respectively.
  3. Binoculars: For enjoying the far views of snow clad mountains and checking islands horizontal lines from a lot of distances these modern gadgets is one sure to put inside your luggage boxes. You can see the clear view from the highest point of the ship also from the deck where clear nature picturesque can be takes as well.
  4. Cabin Space Saver: There are numerous small items that are needed on timely basis and are to be used in sophisticated manner. Cabin Organizer is one sure hack that travellers use to put smaller items in the multiple pockets of this cabin space saver which is then hung from the wall allowing all pockets to be used at any time.
  5. Waterproof Smartphone Covers: All travellers these days carry high end new gadgets which might get malfunction with water splashes on the cruise deck as they are enjoying the views and walking along. You can also use them underwater with these waterproof covers available at cheap prices these days on E-Commerce sites.
  6. Snorkel with Mask: Once you land on the beach port country one thing you must enjoy is under Water Sea diving which will give you the chills and thrills of viewing the underwater world. For this Snorkel with Mask which has easy breadth straw allowing smooth flow of air from your body simultaneously as you enjoy underwater diving in oceans.
  7. Travel Laundry Bags: These zip zap laundry bag allows the right way for managing those clothes like tank top, shorts after your day at pool.


There are many other smaller things that you can pack as per your need and requirements like winter hats, summer cream which are related to place and location of the Cruise respectively. Cruiseosity is one online platform where you can get Best Cruise Deals now as they have some of the affordable and packages for your next adventure holidays. Also choose selected Discounted Cruises which run specifically at off-peak season for limiting the pressure on your budgets.