Tours And Cruises With Cruiseosity

Tours And Cruises With Cruiseosity

The two biggest enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. Has the latter one invaded your life too? If the answer is yes, then I have a surprise for you that can kill your enemy and reinstate happiness back to your life. Well, the surprise is that Cruiseosity IS Backkkkkkkkk ……. with its discounted Cruises and tours packages for this season. It is certainly going to make you ecstatic if nothing else.

Cruiseosity has plans and offers for people of all ages and budget. These tours are designed so that you can enjoy and relax in a stress-free environment. Its specialty is the hand-curated voyages through countries and imagination capturing panoramas along with anchoring on specific beautiful ports.They provide luxurious amenities whose experience stay forever indelible in your mind. You may find many cruise companies in the world but why to choose Cruiseosity. Well, if anything such comes to your mind go through the following points-

  1. Transparency They give all the details regarding the tours and packages through emails or other mediums. Nothing is hidden.
  2. Notification All important notifications are provided to you so that you do not miss any of the cruise deals.
  3. Especially tailor-made cruises Plans are made for the people and to the people. So be assured you will get the best value for your money.
  4. World-class cruise lines They have the world’s most luxurious cruises including the renowned Caribbean cruises, so there is no dearth of quality. So you will never complain once you plan your holidays with Cruiseosity.
  5. Advanced Booking You can plan your journey as early as one year before with Cruiseosity. It not only helps in proper planning but also saves thousands of bucks by giving access to discounted tours and packages.
  6. Different Packages Different Seasons – This is a Cruiseosity You will get different tours and packages according to the particular season. This makes your journey more beautiful and mesmerizing.
  7. Discounted Tours and Packages The plans are not only grand but also healthy for the pockets. Just log onto, and there are many discounted tours and packages on offer with up to 80% off on your favorite destinations
  8. River Cruise with Cruiseosity Well the surprise was kept for the end. You read it right. This season there would be many new river cruises as well. The passages include the beautiful Rhine and Danube, Sean river and many more. It will certainly be one of a kind experience. If you fear the wrath of the oceans but want to go on a cruise the River Cruise with Cruiseositymight be for you. Give it a shot.

So with the many new and luxurious cruise lines added, new locations, specially made packages for the customers and added River cruises with Cruiseosity, cruising was never more interesting. Log on to Cruiseosity.Com for discounted cruises and tours. Someone has rightly said – ‘we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.’Cruiseosity is providing you one such lifelong cherishing opportunity. Do not miss this golden opportunity. And yes – Happy cruising……



Has your life become melancholic? Do you need a break from your monotonous life? Wanna do something that can exhilarate your soul? If the answer of any of the above questions is yes –then I bet Royal Caribbean Cruises are for you man…With a brand new cruise ship – a jaw dropping 362 metres long, many new routes added, a mesmerising new terminal in Miami and lot new packages on offer-Royal Caribbean Cruises are back in 2018 with a bang. With a lot on offer it is certainly shaping to be an exciting time for a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation.

Royal Caribbean ships are not merely a hotel floating in the ravaging seas. Ask those veteran cruisers for whom there is no such thing as too many Royal Caribbean Cruises. They say if life is a book than if you haven’t gone on a royal Caribbean Cruise than you haven’t even read half of it.



With 24 ships to choose from there is no dearth of options .And for a bonanza it also includes the biggest ship ever –The Symphony of the seas which will begin operations this month from Europe. The ships are categorised into different classes according to the sizes and facilities available. Firstly there are the ‘Oasis’,four in all, the biggest and the most majestic of all.Then there are Quantum Class Ships that are tailormade for the first time cruisers.The ‘Voyager’ and ‘Freedom’ class are smaller in size but offer the best value for money. They are also the favourites of old time voyagers with their activities on board and dining facilities.Radiance, Vision and Sovereign class ships make up the smallest ships in the fleet, but what they lack in size, they make up for in port variety, great value and beauty on-board.

When to Travel?

Ok. That’s all fine. But what is the best time to travel? I know this will be the next question in your mind. The timing is largely governed  by pricing and how the calendar affects the price of the journey. By the way the best months for travel are:

1.January (except New Year holidays)

  1. Almost entire February
  2. May
  3. September
  4. October
  5. Beginning two weeks of November and December.

 What to carry?

A cruise trip today is lot better than earlier days when one has to carry heavy briefcases with all the gowns, suits and tuxedos .However there are some essential goodies that are a must on every cruise……..

  1. Passport
  2. SetSail Pass
  3. Credit card/Debit Card
  4. Travel insurance documentation
  5. Cash for tipping purposes……….

Where to book tickets?

Are you thrilled already? Well there is lot more on offer with royal Caribbean Cruise deals…. Just visit and choose your ship, stateroom and dining preferences. But remember to put the deposits as early as possible.Book your tickets as early as you can manage and what you get in return would be a lot of promotional offers, gift vouchers, and coupons that can significantly lower the costs. The veteran travellers even book their tickets one or two years prior to their cruise.

As they put it –‘we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us’. So what are you waiting for? A lifelong cherishing experience is waiting for you.

Book your ticket now!!!!!!!!

Things not to be messed up while Cruising

Things not to be messed up while Cruising

Cruises provide the right atmospheres that are enjoyed by all age group from children to aged ones. The whole sea journey in itself is quite a big adventure along with multi port breaks where you get to see the country best historical places makes it one of the most satisfying vacation in lifetime. These ships are built with all the modern luxuries and only super rich were able to board in the early times but there are now Cruise Deals available which are affordable to make your dream destination accessible easily. Every Cruise travel you take might throw new challenge as being unpredictable on foreign soil. There are some of the things for which early preparation is must in every case.


Always check for the weather first as Ships is going to travel in multiple countries and there might be few specific weather hacks which you must follow. Rain checks, colder season and then also don’t forget to take your sun lotion in any case. Rain Coats, overcoats and special body covering gloves, neck cover during harsh winters are some of must in your packing bags. Although storm and rainy season are avoided but weather is not in any one hand a downpour or storm might come unexpectedly messing up  your whole journey so it’s better to pack with rain coats before.


Looking to reach the port city on the same day as ship leaves might mess up your schedule completely. Try to reach the city one night before and enjoy the surrounding, then in morning abroad the ship accordingly. Every country might have different time zone so be prepare to match your time and daily schedule. You might sleep in night and then awake in the night as well disturbing own life pattern.

Sea Sickness:

Ships are going to sail in sea for days, weeks and months so even if you have sailed before Sea sickness might upset your stomach. Sweetened garlic is provided in some cruise and often can be found on the galleries or hall being the natural medication for stomach issues. Ship movement causes trouble to the whole body and your metabolism might get affected too so make sure take the medication right away before things go awry.

Read the Cruise Manual:

Travel agents only tell what they need to get you onboard the ship, even then there might be few special tips, services and free commodities that are listed every Cruise manual. All the information the whole itinerary, post stops, ships time and every other service is mentioned in those papers which you must study before booking cruise. At the time of booking get all requirements and documents so there are no miscommunications during the whole tour.

Cruiseosity is one online platform which offers comprehensive information on Cruise traveling. Their itineraries, services, packages and more FAQ are provided with 24×7 facilities with executives to solve any other queries to make you get the best out of every cruise. All discounted Cruises and tours, family packages, seasonal offers and more is given to regular customers who often book their journey through Cruiseosity.

Overview For Royal Caribbean Cruises

Overview For Royal Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean atmosphere has proven to be a hit for people for all ages and fields. Their cool minds, holiday’s spirit along with sunshine and calm weather will add the chills of vacations in your life. This region consists of almost 700 islands, reefs, islets and cays. They are broadly divided into two groups i.e. Greater Antilles on the Northern side and Lesser Antilles on the eastern & Southern side. Specific group of countries sometimes are called together as ‘West Indies’.  Surrounded by Gulf of Mexico from one side and Florida Strait on another, there are many departure points for ships. Tampa Florida, Barbados, Baltimore, Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston, Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Port Canaveral and San Juan (Puerto Rico). Eastern trip of Island includes St John, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Croix and Tortola while in the Southern side you will visit Barbados, Bonaire, Grenada, Martinique,  St. Lucia, Aruba, Dominica, Trinidad and St. Kitts.

These Royal Caribbean Cruises are feature packed with traditional dining, special gourmet experience at the Chef’s table as well separate family time dinning as instructions provided. Lodgings with breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, coffee, tea, water, regular cleaning services, on-board entertainment and transportation to the ports are generally included in the fares. Some of the Cruise lines packages also include beverages as well. Outdoor pools, Indoor pools, hot tubs, Flow-riders, Solarium (Adult Only), Water Slides, Mini golf, Royal promenade, Centrum aerial show, Diamond Club, nursery, Dream Works Experience, night Club, Virtual balcony staterooms are some of the regular services of the Royal Cruises.

Especially kid’s adventure Ocean club offers different onboard activities while cruising for different groups that are divided based on the age groups respectively. They also have exclusive partnership with DreamWorks Animation that offers kids with live shows, Aqua shows and many more to give children’s the time they will cherish for lifetime. Water parks, swimming pool and surfing on the ships also enjoyed by most of the children’s onboard. Peak Season for this area runs from December to April with usual high traffic during the Christmas, Easter as well as weekends and Vacations during the Schools. There is also hurricane season for which there are few short cruises which are checked as per the weather warnings.

Cruiseosity is one of the established online platforms that offer best royal Caribbean Cruise Deals along with itinerary and regular information for a complete package that will enthrall your journeys all along.  Our executives are available 24×7 to deliver the precise information for users and their itineraries around these Cruises. All the packages offered are confirmed and then announced with their respective prices. Discounts are available on seasonal basis which must be confirmed at the time of booking to make sure you deserve everything while journey to the best travel destinations of Caribbean Islands. There are also few remote gateways, rainforest and desert islands that are booked as per specific cruise only. Most of the main Cruise liners offer their voyage to this highly popular place that is surrounded by people to enjoy their Cruise with all the luxury features. if you want to book carribean


Making Your Cruise a Complete Holiday

Making Your Cruise a Complete Holiday

Cruises are some of the best and spectacular way of enjoying the world by travelling in a ship full of featured services. Comfort, relaxation and nature views make Cruises the topmost way to travel the world. Although they were quite luxury in the beginning when the ships were few and travel was expensive but with new modern Cruise are quite affordable. There are also last minute cruise deals which can be booked via online or with travel offices of Cruiseosity. These are done to fulfill the quotas or the cancellation so they are heavily discounted but you might miss the perfect location so book early in advance to make sure you deserve the holidays this break. Moreover there are now all inclusive deals which guarantees further enhanced services from traditional cruise deals.

All inclusive deals are just more than Cruising and include door to door services for the customers. They start from picking you up from the home location and leaving you at the door after the whole Cruise journey. All the activities that comes between i.e. food, lodging, travelling with bus, taxis, hiring guides, exhibitions, special programs, parties, night out, meeting locals, market tours along with complete cruise facilities comes under it.

Most of the Cruises charge on their onboard services so to reach at the destination point becomes your responsibility and from there the whole Cruise journey begins. But to avoid modern travel headaches and passenger delays these all inclusive services have come up. That works around the 24×7 enjoyment of your Cruise travel even if you are ported with the specific country. Local travel guide information, taxi, bus trips and hotels to stay at the drop locations are covered with these all inclusive deals.

Many Cruises destinations are divided based on location that journey from one travel point to another in that specific country or group of countries. Like east Caribbean islands or west Caribbean islands, Mediterranean Cruises, Antarctica Cruises, Himalayan and Down Under cruises respectively. There are also World Cruises in which many country Cruises travel and take more time than the usual 2-4 weeks time. More the travel more the journey it takes to travel via the ship.

These all inclusive Cruises are just tailor made for families who often look for a complete package to avoid hassle during travel and get smooth ride in the whole journey itself. There are also specific cruises that offer special activities for children during the course of the whole journey to make sure they further enhance their enjoyment during travelling.

Cruiseosity offers all inclusive cruise deals to its clients so they can have a comprehensive satisfying journey while cruising. These are feature packed travel itineraries to make your dream holidays memorable in every way. All the information and itineraries can be confirmed with our executives 24×7 so there are no confusions in the whole booking process. You will also get the best discounted deals online on our portal without compromising on any feature.


Best Cruise deals | Last Minute Cruise deal with Cruiseosity

Best Cruise deals | Last Minute Cruise deal with Cruiseosity

There are many cruise deals available in the market and there are few things that make your deal effective if your add following prospective while offering deals for cruise industry like:

  • Transparency: You must get all the details of your deal on your email or other mediums so remain ready for all kind of opportunity and challenges if there are any challenges while opting the cruise deals.
  • Alerts or Notification: There must be regular update system so you can get all the alerts related to cruise deals. You will get all the important notification related to cruise deals so you won’t miss any luxury cruise deals and last minutes deals and updates.
  • Take care of your expenses: We always take care of our traveller expenses as we understand their money value. com offer best services and makes your feel comfortable while having all the cruise deals.
  • Communication: Communication is one of the key aspects from customer point of view. Once deal book we take care of your entire requirement as per our commitment. We create trust among our travellers so they don’t hesitate while investing money. You can find out our detail aspect online and also take feedback from our previous travellers.
  • Last Minute Deals: Sometime you are too busy to get Best cruise deals and here comes our responsibility to offer you best last minute deals that makes your time and journey remarkable.
  • Custom Offering: We customize your packages as per your requirement as we are offering many deals that include luxury features.
  • Package As per Season: We offer packages as per season like in summer we offer summer packages and in winter we offer winter packages. We have different packages as per days and nights you want to spend. You can save up to 50-60 % discount in few of our packages.
  • Advance Booking: We understand you’re planning and travel so we start offering advance booking from initial days so you can grab the best discount and deals from our side. Our packages include luxury hotels, all kind of resorts, best quality meals and special offering for vacations.
  • Multiple Travels offering from different tour company and preferred cruiselines: You can get the best deals from different vendors like cosmos, monograms, carnival, Disney cruise lines, sandals, globus and many more deals that give you unlimited offering in their deals.
  • Features Special: We have few features list as per our customer’s requirement as we understand their spending after serving them many years. You can get special 7 night’s western Caribbean, 10 days Italy, special featured packages for Italy, Spain, Europe, united kingdom.
Best Cruise Destinations around the World

Best Cruise Destinations around the World

Holidays are the best time for you to enjoy and relax in stress free environment. Cruises are known for their incredible sea voyage thorough countries anchoring on specific ports and returning on the original port. Enjoyed by ages of all groups these cruises provide some of the luxurious amenities and holiday experience that stays with you forever. Below are the best cruise destinations around the world know for their surroundings and relaxation atmosphere that tourists enjoy every year.



Small Islands along the line on the American continent in the Global map termed as Caribbean islands are most popular cruise destinations in the world. These Caribbean cruises are available round the year for you to enjoy. This cruise packages generally stops at multiple islands country so you can enjoy their natural views, architecture, beaches and cultural heritage. These Caribbean cruises are mainly divided into locations – Eastern Caribbean (for Antigua & Barbados, Dominica, St Kitts and Martinique), Western Caribbean (Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico) with Southern (Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba). There are some other exclusive packages in which private islands visits are there so select the best one to enjoy for your family.


Mediterranean area covers some of the best port cities of Europe, Asia and Africa collectively. Diverse culture and natural beauty provide you the amazing feeling that will make your holidays worth in Mediterranean cruises. Eastern location covers Turkey and Greek Islands (Santorini, Mykonos and Crete Islands), Western Mediterranean cruises include Rome, Venice and Sicily Islands in Italy, St. Tropez, Barcelona and Monte Carlo. Southern location includes areas from Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. These cruise include some of the most luxurious islands where might see celebrities as well. Family packages are there for kids and May to August is considered the best time as per tropical weather.


Hawaii Cruises covers the archipelago of main eight islands forming in the large Pacific Ocean. This includes all the natural beauty, wild flora and fauna, volcanic activities. All cruises follow these main islands of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai, Niihau and Kahoolawe. Each of the given islands offers distinct character in bringing the best out of nature.  Waterfalls in Maui, Haleakala National Park, adventure trails in Kauai are must for everyone to enjoy. Surfing, soaking sun in the sandy beaches and traditional Hawaiian dance are enjoyed with lot of fun and enjoyment.


If you love white nature of beauty than Alaska Cruises are the best. With their stunning display of iced laden mountains, glaciers, fjords, bays and inlets will mesmerize you in the nature itself. Route covers the area from Vancouver, Juneau to Gulf of Alaska with many islands, inlets, bays and mountains along the coastlines for spectacular view.  May to September is considered the best time to enjoy these amazing places.


In the part of the Southern hemisphere Australia and New Zealand also offers some exotic location to enjoy in your lifetime. Sydney ports, Queensland, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania are covered in Cruises of this Australian land. North and South Island are the main attraction in the New Zealand. Rare black sand beaches & Yatch are the specialities of Northern part whereas in Southern part you will be enthralled to see glaciers and mountains of the world’s end. Great Barrier Reef, Maori Culture of New Zealand, National Parks and UNESCO heritage sites must be in tourist checklist.

At Cruiseosity, you will be able to find Best Cruise Deals 2018 for enjoying your next trip altogether. You can opt for special discounts and offers that match your deal with our bookings.