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Cruise vs. Land Vacation| Cruiseosity

Cruise vs. Land Vacation| Cruiseosity

Cruises are one of the most comprehensive ways of travelling around for getting the best out of your holidays but more traditional way of touring one specific area has lot of advantages as well. Today with this blog we will discuss how these two ways of holidays are different with some contrasting features. With Cruiseosity you can get the top Cruise deals and all inclusive packages to make your journey less expensive and full of extra services.

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Cruises are characterized by travelling in ships that goes from country to country with regular stops at multiple ports offering their countries diversity, cultural and architectural places to enjoy culminating with back on ship, getting prepared for your next trip respectively. Land Vacation are more of traditional one that offers only one visit to that destination although one can take time and enjoy the all around complete views with specific local places with longer duration.

With Cruises you get the constant travelling as they take their regular stops at ports with interval and simultaneously moving on to another enjoying multiple places within one journey. With Land vacation there is complete rest, enjoy week long sightseeing of the local terrains, rivers, lakes, clubs, shops and enjoy the surroundings. It completely depends on the traveler and their choice of travel, Cruises offer the short still comprehensive way to enjoy places while with the land vacation one can take their time accordingly. Land Vacation are mostly suited to only one places while if you are on Cruise then it is generally that you are going to multiple countries, see their cultures and make memories to last life time. Few Cruise Deals are inclusive that offers land as well as Cruise travel, make sure you check all the right options before booking.

For those who avoid sea travelling too much Land Vacation must be the priority while those who are looking to enjoy as much places as they can Cruises offer the right way. There will be few who find sea travel tough then they must get in the land vacation category. Cruises these days offer top luxuries and services which can be costly than those traditional holidays affecting your pockets in a big way although special discounts are available at Cruiseosity for making your trips jus the perfect one. Then there are those for whom holiday means to hang out on beaches the whole day under the sun resting completely who prefer one short land vacations. With Cruises you might need to pack extra special items as there will be too much on-off shore excursion that might create chaos where as with land vacation there is only one time packing and unpacking respectively.

Cruiseosity is one all inclusive site with complete information for best cruise deals now to make holidays worth memorizing in a great deal with all the right  features. Cruise bookings, their itineraries and inside information is provided with travelers guidance to make them more comfortable in their journey ahead. We offer 24×7 communications for dealing with customer’s queries and making things better as per their requirements.


De-Mystifying the world of Exotic Cruises


World is full of amazing places, unique natural paradises and wonders that are exotic, far away from rest and offers the peace of mind that most of human being looks for after busting their mind in this complex life that we live today. A lot of places are considered exotic as per their impeccable natural surroundings and makes up for the adventure if you are up for going to the destination in ships. Travelling is surely the top thing that people do during their lifetime for enjoyment. Thrill of a new place, natural beauty, travelling in sea, enjoying the views while culminating yourself in the heritage of that country is what Cruises offer in their all-round packages. Cruises have become the most satisfying holidays for people all around the world. With Cruiseosity you are assured of getting the Best Cruise Deals Now to get all important services in your package with.

Antarctica is one place that is far away from the rest of the world reserved for scientists to make new discoveries in this frozen continent. But as the weather allows intermittent schedule for cruises to this exotic snow land with scintillating views, quenching thrust for more adventure tourists in their way.

Indian Oceanic beauty with blue sky and never ending sea line views all entices tourists from all over the world to this famous place. These cruises are often mixed with visits of the ancient cultural visits to Indonesia, Singapore and India that will store permanently in your memory for lifetime.

Baltic Sea is another popular destination with itineraries including places of Estonia, Norway, Sweden and nearby fjords & islands with snow laden places to embark on a journey that will give you Goosebumps on next corner.

Caribbean with its amazing list of islands is one of the most visited cruise place that have visitors round the year enjoying music and locations all along.

Pacific islands are also famous for their peacefulness along with natural beauty with full of sea, sun and sand places. Fiji and Marshall Islands, Tahiti offers lot of exoticness for viewers with private beaches to be in the comfort of nature for your holidays.

With being the largest river in the world surrounded by the rainforest Amazon River cruises has some of the most inhabitants’ routes. Ships roam the river along the Brazil and Peru country with specific itineraries that you can choose and select as per your wish.

Arctic is another exotic cruise destination that is full of remote destinations, wildlife animals, natural scenery and also being the south pole of the planet earth.

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Exploring the Cruises down Under


Down under’ is special term used to refer countries that are seen on the lower side of the World map, where you can explore some of the extremities of Australia, New Zealand and pacific Islands with the comfort of luxury cruises. In last few decades there has been tremendous increase in the travel industry with luxury cruises as travellers find this conclusive journey of ship along with multiple port stops for making the best use of their time and enjoying altogether.  Many cruise companies offers the right time and season that can use for pre-booking on these amazing tours in down under. You use choose and select the Best Cruise Deals Now in respect for making journey more affordable with family or people you like to travel with.

Australian country has some of the extreme geographical conditions that are enjoyed by travellers all across this country. White Sandy beaches, World Class museums, Great Barrier Reef, high tide surfing,  Sydney Harbour Bridge, shopping port cities and opera house awaits your adventurous journey in this country site. Many adventurers also like the local wildlife this land throws that is habitat on this part of the world only with Kangaroos and Koalas sure standing out as famous for their unique traits. In New Zealand port views are just perfect with their impeccable views for tourists with cliffs, fjords to add in to your lifetime memories and offer wide range for Wine lovers to make their stay on port worth. Enjoying the views from top of the Auckland Sky Tower as you are raised in glass elevators is breathtaking in itself. Indigenous people also have historical importance in both of these country and Hakka warrior dance in popular all over the world being played by New Zealand rugby teams in calling ancient spirits for giving boost to their energy during their game.

583fc0df7ab23Main ports in Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Hamilton Island, Perth, Eden and Darwin with many other one that has significant importance as well. Whereas New Zealand being the island country itself has some of the best geographical views with Auckland, Akaroa, Bay of Islands, Christchurch, Dunedin, Gisborne, Napier, Picton, Rotorua and Wellington as the main port cities for getting to know these beautiful country in all aspects.  Azmara Club Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises are the major companies that have regular schedules for pre-booking your holidays in this amazing land of Australia and New Zealand respectively.

For those want to get these exclusive holidays with Discounted Cruises, Cruiseosity is one of the best online platform where all the information is available from single point. We are also available for communication via email or phone for satisfying any curious info you are looking in your dream destinations. These country cruises are best suited to make the most of your holidays as within short time one gets to travel within main port cities along with the adventure of Sea and river journey in the luxury of cruises simultaneously.

5 Reasons That Makes Cruise The Real Holidays

When it is about Holidays, one thing that makes it interesting is the multiple level of enjoyment that we feel inside of our hearts. Sailing through rivers, ocean inside luxury cruises might make into your next perfect vacation. Cruises are popular for their perfect mix of food, lodgings, travel and activities which are enjoyed by people of all ages. Here we are narrowing five best reasons that make Cruises as the real deal among holidays.

1. More Adventurous
They are simply more adventurous and opens up your inside curiosity to explore the whole world. As the Cruises have become truly global as you can book multiple countries book in one schedule. Enjoy the land, Sea, Beaches, Cultural heritage and modern architecture of foreign cities with ease of one holiday only. All the worries about customs, visas and transportation are taken with cruises. Tour guides are available on hire for avoiding any language barriers as you walk through the foreign land with ease. It is best for those who have the short time but want to enjoy more as Cruises often takes their multiple stops in ports during their long journeys.

2. Family Take Away
Yes you can bring your whole family on board at cruises as there are many which are specifically designed as full package deals. Special children activities and management is provided to take care of entire circumstances. One can even hire babysitters or nanny during their stay in the cruises. You can also opt for family rooms which are built with extra everything. Disney Cruises are world famous for all the entertaining activities for children’s and parents alongside. Once you have unpacked the luggage inside your rooms it will stay there for entire journey as you go from France to Spain to Greece so you enjoy hotels services while travelling.

 3.  Feel the Luxury
Modern Cruises have the ultimate luxury to feel and get comfortable with. During the early days these were the royal thing to have cruise holidays but now there are more affordable with Best Cruise Deals Now at special discounts. Bundle packages are available too that involve airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, meals with Cruises. Usually the top chefs are there on the cruises that cater to the multiple cuisines dinning. Special kid menus are there so they also can enjoy their best time in cruises as well like Milkshakes, ice creams, Chocolates and many more. For these busy and hectic modern times Cruises are considered the best choices to give complete holiday deals for you.

4. Memorable Memories
You are on holidays with complete family touring multiple famous destinations of the World. These memories will cherish with you forever enjoying the peculiarities of all places. Enjoy your sunshine in popular beaches, enjoy the bar and night as start fresh in the morning for new destination right away. Some cruises also give extra days to tour the port cities so holidays can be experienced with more time. For special occasions like your honeymoon these cruises will make dreamy holiday true.

5. Plan, execute and enjoy
Cruises sail through most of the world ocean with schedule timings so tourists can enjoy with fullest. Bookings are available online and you are pre-plan the whole itinerary for complete enjoyment during the cruise holidays. Bask in the sunshine beaches of Spain, France nightlife and Greece historical places everything you can plan for making your cruise make your dream come true.
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Finding an escape route from the daily monotonies of life is one of the major wishes of every individual. It remains a brutal fact of today’s world is that the work load takes toll on every individual. Needless to say that in such a scenario one is bound to feel frustrated and once frustration creeps in one can never concentrate on one’s work. If you too feel frustrated and if you are looking forward to get yourself refreshed then get in touch with Cruiseosity today. Cruiseosity is globally reputed company that will offer will world class cruise at really affordable price.

The advantages of going out on a cruise are simply countless. Travelling to new place on top class cruises will surely make you feel lifted. But you have to ensure that you choose the right cruise. If you prefer to hire the service of this company, you can be sure of the fact that your dream of travelling in an out of the world cruise will come true.


It is true that there are several companies that are several companies available in the market that claims to cater similar services. But what makes Cruiseosity one of the leaders in this field is the fact that this company leaves no stone unturned in the bid to ensure that its clients get the best possible service. Over a significant span of time this globally reputed company has been serving its customers with unmatchable Cruise Deals which have helped it to earn for itself an impeccable reputation which is indeed extremely crucial to survive in this market where there exists cut throat competition. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this company over its competitors:-

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Get In Touch With Cruiseosity Avail the Best Cruises

Being mentally refreshed in today’s world is one of the greatest challenges that face more often than not. Your daily life and the same boring take a toll on your ability to deliver as you start to feel mentally tired. When you are not able to give your 100 per cent, you inevitable make room for frustration to creep in. You eagerly wait to get rid of the monotonies of your daily life and hence you look forward to a holiday. If you choose to travel on a cruise, you can be sure of getting refreshed from the core. In this context, it is important to take a note of the fact that if you are planning to go out on a cruise then do not u waste a single minute more and get in touch with Cruiseosity.


It must be taken into account that Cruiseosity is a globally reputed company and it has earned for itself an impeccable reputation as it serves its clients in the best possible way. Apart from amazing cruises, if you hire the service of this company then you will surely get the opportunity to get on fantastic cruises at the lowest price. So, if you want to avail the Best Cruise Deals Now, your ultimate destination will be Cruiseosity.

There are several advantages of hiring the service of this highly famed company. Here is the list of few benefits that you can derive it you hire the service of this company:-

Amazing Cruises

The cruises that you will get if you hire the service of this company are simply world class. When you choose to cruise you want to get served with every luxury so that your experience becomes even more memorable and, at the same time, pleasing. The cruises that this world class company offers boast of being extremely well mentioned. Name an item of luxury and you will find it in these cruises.


Visit Your Dream Places

When you decide to go on a cruise, you must take a note of the fact that the cruise visit locations that are intriguing and, at the same time, picturesque. At this juncture, it is important to take a note of the fact that if you hire the service of this company you can be sure of visiting your dream places. So, do not waste any more time and BOOK YOUR VIKING OCEAN cruises today.

Affordable Prices

The main reason why people do not go for cruising is the fact that they are very costly. But when you book a ticket of any of the cruises that this company provides, you can be sure that you get the best cruises at the lowest prices.

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