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Tailor Made Cruises for you Holiday

Tailor Made Cruises for you Holiday

Cruises are the modern way of maximizing your travel enjoyment with travelling along sea or river with multiple country port stops. A lot of luxuries and services are provided on these Cruise ships but tailor made are of complete satisfaction as they start from your door and end at your door only. Starting with pick up from your home, to air travel, hotel stays, sightseeing tours, Cruise stays, Food and lodgings, port tours, cultural shows, local tours, guides, heritage places, pick up and drop back, then final travel to back your home almost everything is covered under these Tailor made Cruises.

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There are always special importance to few local events, programs and places that as tourist one might not know so these tailor made cruise are there to give a comprehensive experience for your families accordingly. All requirements on the ships are taken care in one time only. These Cheap cruises have come down to be more affordable than traditional cruise only trips on many aspects. With Cruiseosity you can book any corner of the world and most of the international ship liners are available for direct booking from our platform only. All the packages offered have the added advantages of providing special features in their itineraries which travelers enjoy a lot during their journey in the cruises.

Benefits of These Tailor Made Cruises

These whole packages of Tailor made Cruise are enjoyed by people around the world with more advantages than any other travel plans. Some of their benefits we have narrowed down to get more inside information that comes with these plans respectively.

  • Comprehensive packages for complete family enjoyment
  • Door to door services with home car pickup, air travel, hotel stays, local cultural program tickets and many more accompanying services to make your holidays enjoyable
  • There are more affordable with discounted Cruises to minimize budgets spending from all corners
  • Restaurants advanced bookings, Food arrangement and local delicacies are usually inside those cruise packages
  • Extra special tours like hot balloon air trips, local festivals, dance function and places which are tourist attraction are covered in their local tours especially for these tailor made cruises only
  • Helicopter tours of famous locations are also arranged for VVIP guests
  • Cruise Ships works in tandem with local hotels and travel agency for complete luxuries for their guests during stay.

Cruiseosity is one of the online platforms where you can get all information and booking of these specific cruises one can do easily. They offer some of the Best Cruise deals now from which you can choose the right dream destinations to visit and make the most of your holidays. All major locations Sea Cruise and River Cruise are available for booking directly in coordination with original ship liners. Our communication lines are available for 24×7 for enquiries and sorting queries that comes with Cruise itineraries, booking cruises and general information that user opt for. World Cruises that goes to multiple continents with many country stops are available for booking those who plan long term cruise journey of 10 to 15 weeks.


How Itineraries define Your Cruises


Cruises offer wholesome enjoyment and thrill of vacation with ships passing through water, surrounded by amazing nature with stoppage on culturally rich heritage sites have become the testament for holidays around the world. Luxuries, services and accommodations are like hotels only with just about inside your budgets for making that Cruise comfortable all the way. Cruises have completely transformed the way people travel around the world. Every Cruise will have their itineraries in which all the important stops, timing as well days are marked so that tourists can make arrangements accordingly to that only. Making them more lucrative is what allows tourists to attract for their cruises and this makes better for both side.

Every Cruise will have its own unique itineraries which will define the journey that you are going to take with all the port stops, timing and most important the places around which you can have look for making your visit memorable accordingly. These itineraries help you to choose and select the best destinations to book your cruise with all the facilities. It includes all the important highlighted places that have local significance, have cultural value and are given prominence for visitors to make selectable choices from the beginning itself.


Adventurous places will be given special provision as people look for more opportunity for making their holidays enjoyable. Duty free markets are the number one priority for attracting tourists for purchasing those unique items from the foreign markets as things to remember in their homes as they grow old. Cruise liners also make special arrangements for their tourist with local events, wine tasting, dance and cultural show to make things more interesting in the foreign land as well to attract more tourists with their itineraries only. Beaches and rest places are also marked separately so that visitors can enjoy the right sun and sand to restore their life energy and bath in the glory of the nature.

In Western Mediterranean Cruise the famous places that will be in the itinerary for sure are Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Ancient sites in Rome, Wine areas in France as well as day trips to the Italy’s amazing Cinque Terre.  A typical cruise to Alaska may include Glacier bay, Yukon Route Railroad, Skagway White Pass and enjoy kayak, Canoe as well as hike to the Juneau to mesmerize in the surrounding of the Mendenhall Glacier. An itinerary for Caribbean Cruise may include the ports as per the east or western side the Cruise is going along with private beaches, duty free markets and passages that are along the ways. River Cruise most often takes places where the course itself is just natural wonder itself with heritage sites stop that makes up for complete cruising.

Cruiseosity is one of the leading online platforms for booking your amazing journey with Discounted Cruises all over the world. We offer cruise from all the continents and cruise liners from all the international routes making your journey packages affordable right away. Our communication lines are open 24×7 to deliver the optimum services for users who have any queries regarding their dream destinations. All the discount, deals and coupons that will fetch maximum benefits to your next trip are available on Cruiseosity only with right approach.


Impacts of Cheap Cruise on the Travel Industry


best-cruise-deals-nowThere is an old saying ‘’Collect experience not things’’. A Cruise vacation is one of those few experiences which a traveller cherishes and it drives his/her travel passion. Without vacations and travelling human beings hardly have any existence… right? Cruise tour is the tourism which is organized and undertaken in order to observe and visit different port, cities and countries by sea in order to observe their natural way of life, culture and tradition. In the recent years cruise travel has grown dramatically. Travellers can visit any destination all around the world who wishes to explore the rich and diverse wildlife as well as to enjoy life at sea.

Cruising is statistically the safest mode of travel, even above flying. Compared to others cruise lines take unexpected events very seriously. Earlier cruise lines used to be reserved only for the super-rich class. But over the years with increase in demand as well as supply cruise lines have become affordable. Are you are looking for a cruise line which offers tours at unbelievable price? If you are looking for discounted cruises; get in touch with Cruiseosity. It is a Florida based cruise line offering the best cruise deals. Over the year’s Caribbean region have dominated the industry as being the most preferred cruise destination. At Cruiseosity, you can avail exciting discounted cruises at an unbelievable price.

If you are planning a cruise tour, you may search online with the keyword ‘’Best Cruise Deals Now ‘’ to check the latest cruise deals online. Best Cruise Deals Now at Cruiseosity offer exciting deals at an unbelievable price. Today getting to the cruise lines is easier than ever. Nowadays with the advancement of human civilization, there are numerous ports to get off shore from making it possible for normal people from a large terrestrial zone to drive to a cruise ship. This has changed the way of cruise travel, as people with disabilities who are unable to fly, can enjoy travelling. Also today departure ports arepretty much everywhere where the land meets the sea. Be it Los Angeles, New York City or Florida, departure ports are common everywhere.

You’ll get a reasonable value for your dollar. The price varies significantly between classes, however; you’ll travel quite comfortably including the stateroom and every one of your meals. Cheap cruises deals make it possible to make your dream excursion a reality, making it easy on your budget. Cruiseosity offers exciting cheap cruises deals at an amazing price. If you currently reside in Florida or somewhere in the USA, you may avail the services of Cruiseosity. They are famous for complete listing of last-minute cruises on some of the world’s best cruise lines. For more information you may visit their website to collect necessary details.

Enjoying the Roof of the World Cruise


best-cruise-deals-nowThis is sure the once in a lifetime must enjoy cruise tours that you should have in your dream list of vacation. This involves mainland china with river cruise and amazing tours of the historical places that gives the testament of the historical importance of their culture as well. China has some of the best natural places that are put inside the whole trip itinerary for fetching the maximum result thereof. This whole trip usually accounts for minimum two week to three week journey so must choose the suitable cheap cruises so that it goes past your budget easily.

This Roof of the World Cruise starts from the capital itself with tour of Beijing incredible places starting from Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, The Great Wall of China one of the wonders of the present world with 3000 year old civilization that saw the human evolution from their eyes. Enjoy the modern city being the third most populous city in the world with museums, local culture and food that will provide complete satisfaction to the visitors.

Move on to the ancient home of Terra Cotta Warriors who were buried with Emperor Qin Shi Huang almost 2000 years ago were unearthed just 45 years ago has global attraction for their history. This is where the whole Tang Dynasty has some of the earliest signs of Human involvement in China. Then the itinerary also includes the Lhasa Tibet, the holy place for Buddhism revival in the modern world. A lot of walking is involved with monasteries being built on top of the hill or mountains giving them the space for meditation in lonely areas. Bring the inner peace of your body at Potola Palace, once the home for Dalia Lama spiritual head of their Buddhism religion respectively.

This also includes the Six day Yangtze River cruises through the china with mesmerizing views of the country with their raw natural beauty along their path. There are many World heritage sites that come in their whole path being thoroughly enjoyed by the people of all ages. The whole cruise trip ends at the magnificent city of Shanghai with its tall skyscrapers and seaside views of modern architecture that will give you show the prosperity of the China that it has become the part of the developed world.

With Cruiseosity you are assured with the best booking itineraries for your entire families for making the trip exclusively to the roof of the World. We offer best Discounted Cruises online from our platform that has all the information and packages for your select the best for. Guides and local touts will make special gathering of the regional people for understanding the heritage of this amazing land making your journey fruitful and with blessing too. Most of the tours are have full of luxuries and amenities that will give you the feeling of being royal as you cruise in the ships through the main rivers enjoying the views all around.

Best Things that You Must Enjoy While Cruising


A cruise offers the most comprehensive vacation time with luxury, travelling, multicultural sites and natural scenery. For first times it will be memorable experience that will embed in their memory for lifetime. There was time when it was considered that people with high income could only travel around the world in large ships but there are many Cheap Cruises available which people can enjoy for their holiday time exclusively. There are many things that travelers must enjoy while they are on the cruise and below things are must for every cruise trip.

Room with View

One thing that you can look to schedule from beginning is to book room that views. In ship journey there are many natural types of scenery that will be available through your own private balcony. Blend in the mood of holidays with right atmosphere and enjoy the feeling right along. There are always cabins in the cruises that are equipped with their own balconies, choose the right one to begin with.

Enjoy Multi Cuisine and Drink

Cruises often provide multiple cuisine restaurants where travelers can enjoy the delicacies of their special food as the ship embarks on its journey. They might have special timing and booking so check for their availability & book right away from the beginning itself.  Cocktails and Shakes for children are available throughout the days which you must add into checklist always.

Luxury Activities

Every cruise liners is unique with their specific services, some will offers skydiving, Surfing, mini-golf courses and even movie theaters that you should actively involve to enhance the journey experience. With modern Hi-tech world there are many gadgets installed on the Ship and in each room to give more luxuries to attract travelers for booking. You might find robots making your drinks at bar, 3D Views, play XBOX live, Skype chat with families, Surf and many other specific services that will mesmerize you during journey.


There are dance and music shows every evening that you must involve to bring out the best of yourself. Sing karaoke, dance to the rhythm of the DJ and enjoy live rock bank music with all the energy of your life. Take night visit to gaze into the universe with clear open skies walking though the deck of the ship with some ships offering astronomies show especially for children. While most of them will enjoy the Sunset and Sun rise that has some of the most amazing views of the nature at its best.

At Cruiseosity we offer complete one stop solution for Cruise information, itinerary, services and bookings from which enthusiast can get the right guide for making their cruise journey possible. They can check the entire ship stops, make plan and simultaneously book their journey to the dream destination at right time. There are few short days or long days’ tours that one can make as their choice of recommendation. Also there are many options that are available throughout the world tours that travelers can get more aware with our online platform. For fetching the maximum Discounted Cruises, Cruiseosity is the choice that you should find always.

The Best Cruise Getaways in Europe


Europe is one location that is characterized by places of natural delights, the full scale developed economies and luxuries that can maximize your comfort with Cruises all along its seashore and river ways. Cultural heritage, national treasures, friendly people and locations that will mesmerize you with their amazing beauty is a sight that everyone enjoys. The best getaways in European Cruises are listed below with some of their unique and peculiar specialties that attract millions of visitors every year.


This area has some of the most cruises ship being sailed all over the year with areas consisting of Italy’s coast, France southern area with entire Spain sea side to give the best picture of cultural and heritage picture in itself. Rome, Barcelona, Naples, Florence, Monte Carlo and Seville are the cities that attract millions of travelers every year. Many cruise liners offer their premium cruise liners on this itinerary with luxuries that can give them lifetime memories. One can get some cheap cruises if they smartly place their booking with right agents for cruising.

Viking cruises

Russia and Scandinavia

If one wants to rejuvenate their culture exploration then Baltic Sea cruises are the best that takes you back to Viking and Czar Age. Full of cultural, heritage, arts, museums and architecture this area consists of Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Along with Russian river cruises, German gateways, Historic Tallinn, Estonia and places of national importance. Enjoy the beauty of Norwegian Fjords, Museums and Churches of St Petersburg, Holocaust Memorial, Kiasma Modern Art Museum and the National Museum housed in Finland, Kronbergcruiseosity@gmail.com

Castle, Peter and Paul Fortress, fortress Suomenlinna and Temppeliaukio church along with World Heritage sites of Tallinn, Lithuania National park, Geirangerfjord in Norway among the best in Europe.


Sail the sea over to the next horizon and relive the old memories of long journeys in the sea with these special Transatlantic Cruises. These may start from any city of Europe with London, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Southampton, and Copenhagen to cities of Miami, New York, and Puerto Rico to give the chance of enjoying the once in a lifetime memoir with sea sightseeing at its best. Most cruises lines offer two weeks cruises that start from one continent and ends to another.

At Cruiseosity we offer some of the best information and Discounted Cruises booking all over the world with offers that you just can’t miss. We try to serve the client with the itineraries and luxuries along with world class service on cruises that their dream destination holidays feeling are fulfilled and they remember their journey for a lifetime. All the information regarding ships, Cruise lengths days and nights, with port departure as well as affordability of the prices is available on our platform to fetch the precise information right from the Cruise liners.  Get more benefits and discounts with extra coupons for your next trip only from our online portal now!

Exploring the Hawaii Cruises


Hawaii Islands are one the Cruises that offers holidays in the middle of the Pacific Islands with sightseeing views and amazing experience altogether. All the major eight islands are originated from Volcanoes only which make them all tourist attractions along with wildlife and sandy beaches has made Hawaii Islands a dream place for dream destinations for tourist. Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Maui and Kauai are the major port highlights where cruise ships will anchor to start your journey in these Hawaiian Islands. Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, Puuhonua O Honaunau, Lahaina and Kahului, Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Fanning Island are the places that must be tick marked for you visit in these islands specifically to enjoy their natural beauties. Ships take off from US ports, Canada or Alaskan so they are usually two week long with extension of one or two week in case of round trip brining the whole experience level to maximum. Cruises to this place offers views of major US Ships that were part of the World War history along with other Museums and traditional places.

Ideal Timing for your Hawaiian Cruise

Winter months are the best to enjoy the best of Hawaii islands – Christmas break holidays in December to the first week of January offer the scintillating views of the surrounding area. Although this time flights are expensive but it will be worth once you give it a shot, Whale watching season runs from November to May and at summer families are there but Cruises are limited for that specific time. Through April, September and October this area can be seen full of large cruise ships that cater to traffic in this natural island of Pacific Ocean. Those looking for Discounter Cruises can join in the late spring time that has amazing weather and less crowded ships altogether. Norwegian has year round Cruises to Hawaii islands while other as Celebrity, Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival are major cruise lines that offer seasonal trips to the marvel in the sightseeing of these majestic Islands of Hawaii.


Luxuries and Activities

All the seaside beaches are open to public and completely free so don’t need any specific luxury bookings to enjoy the never ending seaside views. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala Volcano at Maui Island, Circle of Fire helicopter has their distinctive views that will set lifetime memories for you. Waimea Canyon, Wailua River and Fern Grotto tours will show the natural beauty of this place with fruit orchard, Hawaiian specialties and must enjoy Hula performances with dinner.

At Banyan Tree Park enjoy the 60 Feet high tree that has some of the largest branches one will ever in their life time. Opaekaa Falls, Kaanapali Beach sands, Waimea Canyon, Hilo Farmer’s Market, Lyman Mission House and Museum, Big Island Candies, Hilo Hattie store and Pacific Tsunami Museum are some of the places that one make their trip easily by following local guidelines easily and car rentals are also available wherever possible.

At Cruiseosity with right information and guidance provide the platform from which you can book cruises to the entire world easily. All the itineraries, ships, luxuries and destinations are market for their schedule with respective timing so one can book early. Also get the most Cheap Cruises that will fetch premium services your next dream journey cruises. We are available for communication 24×7 and provide solutions to all your queries comprehensively.