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Tours And Cruises With Cruiseosity

Tours And Cruises With Cruiseosity

The two biggest enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. Has the latter one invaded your life too? If the answer is yes, then I have a surprise for you that can kill your enemy and reinstate happiness back to your life. Well, the surprise is that Cruiseosity IS Backkkkkkkkk ……. with its discounted Cruises and tours packages for this season. It is certainly going to make you ecstatic if nothing else.

Cruiseosity has plans and offers for people of all ages and budget. These tours are designed so that you can enjoy and relax in a stress-free environment. Its specialty is the hand-curated voyages through countries and imagination capturing panoramas along with anchoring on specific beautiful ports.They provide luxurious amenities whose experience stay forever indelible in your mind. You may find many cruise companies in the world but why to choose Cruiseosity. Well, if anything such comes to your mind go through the following points-

  1. Transparency They give all the details regarding the tours and packages through emails or other mediums. Nothing is hidden.
  2. Notification All important notifications are provided to you so that you do not miss any of the cruise deals.
  3. Especially tailor-made cruises Plans are made for the people and to the people. So be assured you will get the best value for your money.
  4. World-class cruise lines They have the world’s most luxurious cruises including the renowned Caribbean cruises, so there is no dearth of quality. So you will never complain once you plan your holidays with Cruiseosity.
  5. Advanced Booking You can plan your journey as early as one year before with Cruiseosity. It not only helps in proper planning but also saves thousands of bucks by giving access to discounted tours and packages.
  6. Different Packages Different Seasons – This is a Cruiseosity You will get different tours and packages according to the particular season. This makes your journey more beautiful and mesmerizing.
  7. Discounted Tours and Packages The plans are not only grand but also healthy for the pockets. Just log onto cruisosity.com, and there are many discounted tours and packages on offer with up to 80% off on your favorite destinations
  8. River Cruise with Cruiseosity Well the surprise was kept for the end. You read it right. This season there would be many new river cruises as well. The passages include the beautiful Rhine and Danube, Sean river and many more. It will certainly be one of a kind experience. If you fear the wrath of the oceans but want to go on a cruise the River Cruise with Cruiseositymight be for you. Give it a shot.

So with the many new and luxurious cruise lines added, new locations, specially made packages for the customers and added River cruises with Cruiseosity, cruising was never more interesting. Log on to Cruiseosity.Com for discounted cruises and tours. Someone has rightly said – ‘we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.’Cruiseosity is providing you one such lifelong cherishing opportunity. Do not miss this golden opportunity. And yes – Happy cruising……

Things not to be messed up while Cruising

Things not to be messed up while Cruising

Cruises provide the right atmospheres that are enjoyed by all age group from children to aged ones. The whole sea journey in itself is quite a big adventure along with multi port breaks where you get to see the country best historical places makes it one of the most satisfying vacation in lifetime. These ships are built with all the modern luxuries and only super rich were able to board in the early times but there are now Cruise Deals available which are affordable to make your dream destination accessible easily. Every Cruise travel you take might throw new challenge as being unpredictable on foreign soil. There are some of the things for which early preparation is must in every case.


Always check for the weather first as Ships is going to travel in multiple countries and there might be few specific weather hacks which you must follow. Rain checks, colder season and then also don’t forget to take your sun lotion in any case. Rain Coats, overcoats and special body covering gloves, neck cover during harsh winters are some of must in your packing bags. Although storm and rainy season are avoided but weather is not in any one hand a downpour or storm might come unexpectedly messing up  your whole journey so it’s better to pack with rain coats before.


Looking to reach the port city on the same day as ship leaves might mess up your schedule completely. Try to reach the city one night before and enjoy the surrounding, then in morning abroad the ship accordingly. Every country might have different time zone so be prepare to match your time and daily schedule. You might sleep in night and then awake in the night as well disturbing own life pattern.

Sea Sickness:

Ships are going to sail in sea for days, weeks and months so even if you have sailed before Sea sickness might upset your stomach. Sweetened garlic is provided in some cruise and often can be found on the galleries or hall being the natural medication for stomach issues. Ship movement causes trouble to the whole body and your metabolism might get affected too so make sure take the medication right away before things go awry.

Read the Cruise Manual:

Travel agents only tell what they need to get you onboard the ship, even then there might be few special tips, services and free commodities that are listed every Cruise manual. All the information the whole itinerary, post stops, ships time and every other service is mentioned in those papers which you must study before booking cruise. At the time of booking get all requirements and documents so there are no miscommunications during the whole tour.

Cruiseosity is one online platform which offers comprehensive information on Cruise traveling. Their itineraries, services, packages and more FAQ are provided with 24×7 facilities with executives to solve any other queries to make you get the best out of every cruise. All discounted Cruises and tours, family packages, seasonal offers and more is given to regular customers who often book their journey through Cruiseosity.

Best Cruise Destinations around the World

Best Cruise Destinations around the World

Holidays are the best time for you to enjoy and relax in stress free environment. Cruises are known for their incredible sea voyage thorough countries anchoring on specific ports and returning on the original port. Enjoyed by ages of all groups these cruises provide some of the luxurious amenities and holiday experience that stays with you forever. Below are the best cruise destinations around the world know for their surroundings and relaxation atmosphere that tourists enjoy every year.



Small Islands along the line on the American continent in the Global map termed as Caribbean islands are most popular cruise destinations in the world. These Caribbean cruises are available round the year for you to enjoy. This cruise packages generally stops at multiple islands country so you can enjoy their natural views, architecture, beaches and cultural heritage. These Caribbean cruises are mainly divided into locations – Eastern Caribbean (for Antigua & Barbados, Dominica, St Kitts and Martinique), Western Caribbean (Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico) with Southern (Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba). There are some other exclusive packages in which private islands visits are there so select the best one to enjoy for your family.


Mediterranean area covers some of the best port cities of Europe, Asia and Africa collectively. Diverse culture and natural beauty provide you the amazing feeling that will make your holidays worth in Mediterranean cruises. Eastern location covers Turkey and Greek Islands (Santorini, Mykonos and Crete Islands), Western Mediterranean cruises include Rome, Venice and Sicily Islands in Italy, St. Tropez, Barcelona and Monte Carlo. Southern location includes areas from Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. These cruise include some of the most luxurious islands where might see celebrities as well. Family packages are there for kids and May to August is considered the best time as per tropical weather.


Hawaii Cruises covers the archipelago of main eight islands forming in the large Pacific Ocean. This includes all the natural beauty, wild flora and fauna, volcanic activities. All cruises follow these main islands of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai, Niihau and Kahoolawe. Each of the given islands offers distinct character in bringing the best out of nature.  Waterfalls in Maui, Haleakala National Park, adventure trails in Kauai are must for everyone to enjoy. Surfing, soaking sun in the sandy beaches and traditional Hawaiian dance are enjoyed with lot of fun and enjoyment.


If you love white nature of beauty than Alaska Cruises are the best. With their stunning display of iced laden mountains, glaciers, fjords, bays and inlets will mesmerize you in the nature itself. Route covers the area from Vancouver, Juneau to Gulf of Alaska with many islands, inlets, bays and mountains along the coastlines for spectacular view.  May to September is considered the best time to enjoy these amazing places.


In the part of the Southern hemisphere Australia and New Zealand also offers some exotic location to enjoy in your lifetime. Sydney ports, Queensland, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania are covered in Cruises of this Australian land. North and South Island are the main attraction in the New Zealand. Rare black sand beaches & Yatch are the specialities of Northern part whereas in Southern part you will be enthralled to see glaciers and mountains of the world’s end. Great Barrier Reef, Maori Culture of New Zealand, National Parks and UNESCO heritage sites must be in tourist checklist.

At Cruiseosity, you will be able to find Best Cruise Deals 2018 for enjoying your next trip altogether. You can opt for special discounts and offers that match your deal with our bookings.


How to get the best cruise deals in 2018

How to get the best cruise deals in 2018

It is important to get value for your hard earned money. If you are spending your dollars then it must be in right direction and in right way.  2018 is coming with many such cruise deals that will make your holidays valuable. Let’s plan your holidays with your best travel partner cruiseosity so we make your holidays memorable for you. Let us explain you, how we are going to make your cruise trip really valuable for you as below:

  • Giving you best cruise deals in 2018: You can compare us with all the different vendors and figure out we are giving highly valuable cruise deals. Once you subscribe us we keep informing you about latest cruise deals that are going around you.
  • Last Minute Deals: Sometime due to cancellation of any deals there are few Best cruise deals available for you. We keep informing you if we found such valuable deals for you. Sometime generally you won’t have planning but with super exciting offers make you think to plan your holidays with your family and friends.
  • Offering you many wonderful deals: We keep offering all the latest deals on our website: http://cruiseosity.com/ so generally you won’t miss anything really important. Our deals include many features like proper meals, Night out planning and all. If you miss anything important we can easily arrange on board things for you. If you haven’t plan lets plan now. Don’t let this go!!
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  • Keep visiting our website for latest offering: We update offer on regular basis so our members can know latest offering from our end. Sometime you miss important emails from our end so better keep visiting our website. You can directly contact us for any important update about cruise deals in 2018.

We deliver deals of many companies that give more value to our cruise deals offering, premium packages, meals included deals, cheap offering in deals, last minute deals so you won’t miss any cruise deals in 2018. We are expecting to make your holidays interesting.

Best Cruises for December 2017

December is the month of festivals and year end celebration all around the world. Most of the people look to end their time with vacation with families, tours and Cruises to give them some break after toiling for all year around. This month is for Meeting families, get together and Christmas to enjoy this last time of the whole year with your loved ones. Being the harsh winter month people enjoy sea journeys and shopping this time a lot. Island tours are quite popular during this time with European Christmas markets and Caribbean parties all along. Here we are going to discuss the top cruises that are best suited for this time of December.

Pacific Island Cruises have the most suitable atmosphere all around if you enjoy nature and peaceful serenity alongside luxuries. Hawaii Cruises are known to give the thrill and chill that will make for most adventurous tour you have enjoyed in life. Our Cruise deals are regularly updated offering lot of discounts and all inclusive packages to give extra benefits to the traveler always.

Caribbean Cruises runs year long but they have high tourist incoming during this season with festivals and celebration seen on the shops, streets and cruise ship as well. Florida, Bahamas, Miami and all Caribbean islands have high tourist influx during that time of the year.

European markets especially the German markets are famous for Christmas shopping with lots of varieties. River cruises in the German rivers are packed with tourist this time around so pre-booking is must. Northern lights are also famous among the extreme travelers in winter nights of Atlantic Seas.

Galapagos Islands Cruises also have high peak season during this time with six or seven day tours of this wildlife adventure. These Cruises usually start from Quito, Ecuador islands being 600 miles off coast to it as their journey revolves around the activities only while some package also involve Ecuador rain forest or with Machu Pichu in Peru.

Mexican Riviera Cruises also give good choice to start journey from west coast US cities of Los Angele’s, San Francisco or San Diego to through the cities of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas making your dream destination in December popular.

If you are fan of summer than tour down of under with Australia and New Zealand being the location perfect for hot location. Sydney and Melbourne are the main metro polities while sightseeing is enjoyed all over the Australia with New Zealand cities are throne with visitors during this time.

Cruiseosity is one of the foremost online platforms for Discounted Cruises and tour for the best cruise destinations all over the world. We are available 24×7 for inquiries, information and FAQ for effectively providing the right communication to customers so that they can enjoy the memorable time during their journey in the cruises respectively. Special packages are available for families with all inclusive services to deliver the best memorable life time cruise journeys for travelers. All Cruise information and itineraries are available online for making preparations on time.


Exploring the Cruises down Under


Down under’ is special term used to refer countries that are seen on the lower side of the World map, where you can explore some of the extremities of Australia, New Zealand and pacific Islands with the comfort of luxury cruises. In last few decades there has been tremendous increase in the travel industry with luxury cruises as travellers find this conclusive journey of ship along with multiple port stops for making the best use of their time and enjoying altogether.  Many cruise companies offers the right time and season that can use for pre-booking on these amazing tours in down under. You use choose and select the Best Cruise Deals Now in respect for making journey more affordable with family or people you like to travel with.

Australian country has some of the extreme geographical conditions that are enjoyed by travellers all across this country. White Sandy beaches, World Class museums, Great Barrier Reef, high tide surfing,  Sydney Harbour Bridge, shopping port cities and opera house awaits your adventurous journey in this country site. Many adventurers also like the local wildlife this land throws that is habitat on this part of the world only with Kangaroos and Koalas sure standing out as famous for their unique traits. In New Zealand port views are just perfect with their impeccable views for tourists with cliffs, fjords to add in to your lifetime memories and offer wide range for Wine lovers to make their stay on port worth. Enjoying the views from top of the Auckland Sky Tower as you are raised in glass elevators is breathtaking in itself. Indigenous people also have historical importance in both of these country and Hakka warrior dance in popular all over the world being played by New Zealand rugby teams in calling ancient spirits for giving boost to their energy during their game.

583fc0df7ab23Main ports in Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Hamilton Island, Perth, Eden and Darwin with many other one that has significant importance as well. Whereas New Zealand being the island country itself has some of the best geographical views with Auckland, Akaroa, Bay of Islands, Christchurch, Dunedin, Gisborne, Napier, Picton, Rotorua and Wellington as the main port cities for getting to know these beautiful country in all aspects.  Azmara Club Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises are the major companies that have regular schedules for pre-booking your holidays in this amazing land of Australia and New Zealand respectively.

For those want to get these exclusive holidays with Discounted Cruises, Cruiseosity is one of the best online platform where all the information is available from single point. We are also available for communication via email or phone for satisfying any curious info you are looking in your dream destinations. These country cruises are best suited to make the most of your holidays as within short time one gets to travel within main port cities along with the adventure of Sea and river journey in the luxury of cruises simultaneously.



Vacations are the free time that one must enjoy to keep energizing them with comfort and relaxation. They are full of fun and add great value to your with all the luxury one can enjoy with these adventurous trips. Vacation for family means enjoying in collaboration with each other and one must also enjoy this family time which seldom comes in these hard times.

With cruise you can also enjoy multiple destinations with one trip only. They make shorter stay at some of the seaports to accommodate new horizons in their itinerary. Sightseeing, educational tours, sports activities, enjoying the sun and many activities are there for you to enjoy. Whereas musical dance, bars and games are there for you to enjoy comprehensively day-in day-out.


Top Cruise lines that you should choose to select your next holidays


They are part of the Disney theme parks only which focuses on family with children of all ages. Numerous kids’ activities and programmes are enjoyed on these cruises.


Norwegian cruise lines are quite popularly known for their freestyle cruise concept with no rules on attires, times, meals or seating arrangements.


Princess cruise lines are a lot popular and based from California but incorporated in Bermuda only. It cruises all over the world catering to passengers from across international countries.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, United States; these cruise lines offers worldwide tours with stoppage at many countries. One can enjoy Casinos for mixing your vacation with the pleasure activities.


They are one of the most popular among couples, fans and celebrities too. Food and services offered on these cruises are also much higher quality.


For booking the best cruises one must select the right ship and rooms whereas Discounted Cruises And Tours are available on many online platform. There are various luxurious cruises, premium cruises, adventure cruises, Celebrity cruises and river cruises to find the best journey that you want to live these holidays. Cruiseosity is one comprehensive online platform for planning your next holidays successfully. Our discounted offers and premium packages provide the best deal available online to its customers with efficient results.

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