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Cruise Secrets That Everyone Must Know


Cruises are the best way to enjoy vacation in these modern times. Enjoying the warm sun, travelling in luxury ship and checking out the ports & cities for their culture, history and architecture altogether combined in one cruise journey only. These luxury ships have become the number one destinations for getting the max out of your holidays in minimum time frame. There are many secrets these Cruise offers that you can utilize for getting the fair deal from Cruise companies respectively. And below mentioned secrets will make your time at the journey the best in your life

  • Booking during the off-season or Wave season when there are less reservations gives you the right opportunity to capitalize on that perfect cruise within budget. There are always last minutes cancellations that one can get to make their holidays more exciting. At these times Cruise liners offer crazy deals to entice more travellers for their ship like Buy two get one free, Automatic upgrades to next level, Free dining, Extra add-ons and many other offers they throw in the make to make up for Discounted Cruises.
  • Always compare prices with different travel agents who can get you the perfect deal with right package offering.
  • Most of the cabins at the ships are made out of metal, so you must bring those magnetic clips to hang items where you desire them easily.
  • All the Cruises have room service that you can exploit fully during any time day or night at your choice with some even offering free except for service charges only.
  • At buffet you can enjoy the all food and ask the service guys for that extra offering that you can get for absolutely free. Branded products are charged but there are always free versions to enjoy with exclusively making your journey better all the time.
  • There are always extra offers in line for those who dine their first night at Speciality restaurant although few charges are extra but you will enjoy that free bottle of wine too.
  • At all the places you will find those complimentary snacks so don’t be shy and ask to taste that perfectly looking piece of gourmet food.
  • At bars enjoying one or two glasses of wine might cost you too much, so it better that you order the whole bottle right away. Waiter will mark the bottle with your room so you enjoy that at your room later any time.
  • There are always free drinks or iced tea from the room service, check out with the service staff to avail the maximum benefit during your whole trip.
  • Cabins always have shortage of electronic outlets with travellers using many devices at once, tuck in that extra charging station or power strip while you start packing.
  • Sea journey most often brings upon that Seasickness for those who travel for the first time but room service people have the right remedies that can get you upright in no time for free.


These are general hacks that you can use while cruising, while every Cruise company will offer specific secrets that you can exploit for benefit. Book your journey for next cruise destination now to know more. At Cruiseosity you will find some of the foremost Cruise deals that will make your whole journey wholesome pleasant. Our Packages are full of Cheap cruises that you can book any time and get more correct information right away with our 24×7 communications.

Exploring the Cruises down Under


Down under’ is special term used to refer countries that are seen on the lower side of the World map, where you can explore some of the extremities of Australia, New Zealand and pacific Islands with the comfort of luxury cruises. In last few decades there has been tremendous increase in the travel industry with luxury cruises as travellers find this conclusive journey of ship along with multiple port stops for making the best use of their time and enjoying altogether.  Many cruise companies offers the right time and season that can use for pre-booking on these amazing tours in down under. You use choose and select the Best Cruise Deals Now in respect for making journey more affordable with family or people you like to travel with.

Australian country has some of the extreme geographical conditions that are enjoyed by travellers all across this country. White Sandy beaches, World Class museums, Great Barrier Reef, high tide surfing,  Sydney Harbour Bridge, shopping port cities and opera house awaits your adventurous journey in this country site. Many adventurers also like the local wildlife this land throws that is habitat on this part of the world only with Kangaroos and Koalas sure standing out as famous for their unique traits. In New Zealand port views are just perfect with their impeccable views for tourists with cliffs, fjords to add in to your lifetime memories and offer wide range for Wine lovers to make their stay on port worth. Enjoying the views from top of the Auckland Sky Tower as you are raised in glass elevators is breathtaking in itself. Indigenous people also have historical importance in both of these country and Hakka warrior dance in popular all over the world being played by New Zealand rugby teams in calling ancient spirits for giving boost to their energy during their game.

583fc0df7ab23Main ports in Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Hamilton Island, Perth, Eden and Darwin with many other one that has significant importance as well. Whereas New Zealand being the island country itself has some of the best geographical views with Auckland, Akaroa, Bay of Islands, Christchurch, Dunedin, Gisborne, Napier, Picton, Rotorua and Wellington as the main port cities for getting to know these beautiful country in all aspects.  Azmara Club Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises are the major companies that have regular schedules for pre-booking your holidays in this amazing land of Australia and New Zealand respectively.

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Top 7 Accessories to make your Cruise Journey More Comfortable

Top 7 Accessories to make your Cruise Journey More Comfortable

Cruises journey begins not only from the ship but from the day you booked the itinerary. One must create checklist of the entire necessary item that must be inside your luggage. Even some of them might be small in size but in journey of weeks these things matter the most and will let you enjoy these cruise vacation with more adventure as well as comfort of home too. Here we are narrowing down these product lists below:

  1. Power Charging Solutions: With lot of modern gadgets available in the market these charging them can be the one issue that might give unnecessary headaches if you are travelling far away from your country. These specific power charging solutions cater to all smartphones, iPhones, Kindle, laptops, tablets, trimmers, irons, camera chargers etc for using them again and again over entire cruise journey.
  2. Lock Box (Portable): There will be times when you need to bath in the pool or swim in sea while precious items are put safely inside these portable lock boxes which must be attached with heavy furniture item to avoid any loss respectively.
  3. Binoculars: For enjoying the far views of snow clad mountains and checking islands horizontal lines from a lot of distances these modern gadgets is one sure to put inside your luggage boxes. You can see the clear view from the highest point of the ship also from the deck where clear nature picturesque can be takes as well.
  4. Cabin Space Saver: There are numerous small items that are needed on timely basis and are to be used in sophisticated manner. Cabin Organizer is one sure hack that travellers use to put smaller items in the multiple pockets of this cabin space saver which is then hung from the wall allowing all pockets to be used at any time.
  5. Waterproof Smartphone Covers: All travellers these days carry high end new gadgets which might get malfunction with water splashes on the cruise deck as they are enjoying the views and walking along. You can also use them underwater with these waterproof covers available at cheap prices these days on E-Commerce sites.
  6. Snorkel with Mask: Once you land on the beach port country one thing you must enjoy is under Water Sea diving which will give you the chills and thrills of viewing the underwater world. For this Snorkel with Mask which has easy breadth straw allowing smooth flow of air from your body simultaneously as you enjoy underwater diving in oceans.
  7. Travel Laundry Bags: These zip zap laundry bag allows the right way for managing those clothes like tank top, shorts after your day at pool.


There are many other smaller things that you can pack as per your need and requirements like winter hats, summer cream which are related to place and location of the Cruise respectively. Cruiseosity is one online platform where you can get Best Cruise Deals now as they have some of the affordable and packages for your next adventure holidays. Also choose selected Discounted Cruises which run specifically at off-peak season for limiting the pressure on your budgets.

Most Popular River Cruise Destinations in the World

Most Popular River Cruise Destinations in the World

Tiptoeing from the major ocean cruises there are many alluring river cruises that move within country to country offer amazing natural views, multi cultural and spectacular tourists activities along their way. Rivers cruises are mostly found in European rivers then United States and Asian thereafter. Europe being mostly developed with multi culture fundamentals offers a lot of scenic river cruises which are popular among the tourist’s destinations a lot. You can also check Best Cruise Deals at Cruiseosity for more information regarding booking on these exclusive cruises.

Here we are going to discuss the most popular river cruise destinations in the whole world.

Rhine River Cruise

Passing through six different countries of Europe Rhine river cruise is considerably the numero uno position especially for river cruises. Scintillating vineyards, hillside castles with UNESCO world heritage site (Upper Middle Rhine Valley) shows impeccable natural picturesque in your whole journey.  This Rhine River has around 800miles cruise way that has many courses water courses including tributaries like Moselle and Main in which cruises are popular as well.  Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands countries are covered with multiple stops in between. Starting from most popular Amsterdam to Basel, Amsterdam to Budapest, Paris to Prague, Paris to Zurich, Bruges to Basel, Amsterdam to Amsterdam, Numerberg to Cologne and Amsterdam to Bucharest are the best enjoyed with lot of enthusiast tourists from each corners of the world.


Danube River Cruise

Danube river course pass through the heart of the central Europe with beginning form Black forest in Germany then passing through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and ending at Black Sea in Romania respectively. UNESCO heritage site Wachau Valley (Krem and Melk, Austria), beauty of Vienna, White Lipizzaner horses, glory of Budapest with hot thermal springs, Szechenyi and Gellert are some famous destinations that are enjoyed by thousands of travellers every year in European river cruises.  Amsterdam to Budapest two week long journey will refresh your soul and energize the holiday spirit inside you considerably. Although Budapest to Nuremberg, Passau to Budapest, Munich to Budapest, Bucharest to Budapest, Berlin to Budapest are famous river cruise points too.

Waterways Of The Tsars

This two week long river cruise that passed through mainland Russia will be worth every penny you spend on this incredible adventure. Volga River provides the way for river cruise from Moscow to all the way to St. Petersburg culminating at Baltic Sea respectively. Moscow’s Red Square, Museums, art gallery, folk music and visitors also enjoy the tour of red brick enclosure Kremlin which has historical Tsar’ Canon and Bell. Uglich city has Church of St. Dmitry, Handicrafts of Yoaroslavl, Belozersky monastery in Kuzino, UNESCO heritage site of open air museum at the island of Kizhi with countries famous architecture, shopping lanes and exhilarating scenery of natural wonders will be in your ways to this Russian empire cruise. If you are looking to find some great Discounted cruises then Cruiseosity is the right online booking platform for you!

Amazon River Cruise

Being one of the longest rivers in the whole Amazon has one of the best diversity found across all the continents. Amazon River path cuts across whole South America content passing along Brazil, Columbia and Peru. Mirrored forests in Peru that are flooded each year are worth extreme adventure in life but are enjoyed a lot by tourists all over the world.

Mekong River Cruise

Mekong is one of the most diversify ecosystem in the world after Amazon only with 2700 miles of water beginning from Himalayas passing along six countries into the South China Sea. Hanoi Hilton Prisoners camp and genocide museum will give you the dark history of this amazing nature covered land. Also must visit is the largest and biggest temple in the whole World Angkor Wat in Cambodia which is UNESCO heritage site as well. This is two weeks long cruise and covers some of the famous guided tours that entail the historical importance of cultural rich Asian countries.

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Top 5 Cruise Destinations in Caribbean


Caribbean cruises have been the most enjoyed tourist destinations in the world. Filled with sunshine weather and geographical surroundings of Sun, Sand and Sea these Caribbean Cruises must be in bucket list of lifetime. One of the most entertaining fact of these cruise is you get to visit multiple islands with one cruise with cultural, historical and natural scenery for making it a comprehensive learning experience of lifetime.

Here we are going to discuss the must visit cruise destinations in this part of the earth.

1. Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas is one of the best places that have all the luxuries for best cruise destinations. Activities around Prince George Wharf, Junkanoo Beach, CocoCay, and Paradise Island with pleasant atmosphere will give for highly energizing tours of this amazing land. Royal Caribbean cruises offer complete package for Bahamas that you can pre-book to mark the next cruise holiday in your itinerary.

2. Labadee, Haiti
Haiti has one of the prime locations for tropical cruise destinations that mixed with cultural activities will make up for most of the day. Beach area here is private with ownership of Royal Caribbean with longest zip line over sea. White Sandy beaches with jungle backgrounds make up for the perfect nature picturesque.

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico
This place is the heartland of the Caribbean cruise as most of the cruise make stop here. Old San Juan which is just few KMs from the port provides the historical importance of this ancient wonderland with El Morro, Fort San Cristobal making you visit worth on this island. Take some time of the city life with ride to El Yunque which is the only tropical rainforest on the United States National Part system. Wilderness Hiking is also enjoyed by few tourists as the place offer deep forests as well. Bacardi Distillery is nearby with costly dinning and nightlife to enjoy with.

4. Cozumel, Mexico
This island is small with around 300 square miles off the Yucatan peninsula but with three cruise piers can take easily accommodate more than million passengers a year. Historically assumed to be the Mayas establishment ancient relics, San Gervasio ruins, Tulum and other sites are must visit. Snorkel with world second largest barrier reef is must along with shopping malls in the San Miguel city. Playa Del Carmen is also famous for Boho beach town with ferry taking you to the mainland.

5.  St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
St Thomas is one of the most visited cruise destinations especially marked for duty free shopping among the tourists. Mixed spices, hot sauces, tropical jams, jewellery, linens, crystals and many other worth buying items are worth your cruise journey to this spectacular island with amazing hill top views all around the sea. With Charlotte Amalie, Magens Bay beach nearby make up for this as the impeccable stop on this incredible island.
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Overview of Viking Cruises


Viking Cruises initially started these special river cruises around 1997 as a private owned company. It is widely popular for its River and Ocean Cruises along the main tourist places in the whole world. It has primary sales office in United States with second level branches at UK, Australia and as well some in Switzerland too. It has operational fleet of more than 60 vessels that are carrying tourists on their respective cruising. These ships have particular amenities to match modern day luxury demands with private verandas rooms, Owner’s Suite, lounges, dinning inside and outside, theatre, Sun deck with pools, and library for study, Nordic Spa, Yoga and Gym area for their tourists. Whereas complementary amenities on all ships include fitness center, Wi-Fi internet access, Scandinavia inspired spa, pool, hot tub, 24 hour room service, sauna, Snow Grotto, laundry, meal at ships restaurants, in-room televisions, port shore excursions, beer & wine with lunch and dinners respectively with espresso, latte and cappuccinos drinks available throughout your stay at the Cruise ships. You can also opt for special paid services which allows more enjoyment, fun and spirits of the holidays to the maximum.

These Cruises offers two distinct types of Cruise services Viking River Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises.  As the name Viking River Cruises caters to the specialist river across the world with mainly in European rivers with itineraries ranging from eight to 23 days for Main (Germany), Rhine(Switzerland – Austria – Liechtenstein – Germany), Danube (With 10 Countries), Seine (France to English Channel), Rhone (Switzerland – France), Elbe(Czezh – Germany) and Douro (Spain – Portugal) specifically. In Russia it cruises along the Volga and Svir offering scintillating views along the way. Dnieper River in Ukraine and Egypt cruises of Nile and Lake Nasser. In Asia they travel in China’s Yangtze River, Vietnam’s Mekong as well as Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River with some of these deal packages includes hotel stays and sightseeing at major dams like three gorges for making the most of Cruise travel.

Viking Ocean Cruises are more focused through main oceans of the world with major destinations ports specifically. This part of the Viking started around 2013 as competition to other major Cruise companies.  It caters Baltic & Northern Europe (Baltic Jewels and Viking Homeland), Mediterranean (Cities of Antiquity, Empires of the Mediterranean), Caribbean and the Americas (Cuba, Panama and Pacific, Eastern Seaboard and explorers), New Asian Cruises and World Cruises which are specially 120 to 140 days that travels 27 to 35 countries with multiple post stops and stays with ultimate luxury to make the most of your once in a lifetime holidays. Across the bay of Bengal form Mumbai to Bangkok, Alaska and the inside passage, Atlantic Crossing Miami to Barcelona, Atlantic Shores & Bermuda (Montreal to Florida), Australia and New Zealand, Bangkok Bali and Beyond, Barcelona, Baltic and Beyond, British Isle Explorers, Capitals of the Far East with Hong Kong to Beijing, Catalonia to Greece (Athens to Barcelona), Central American Shores and Cube are the new itineraries added with Viking tours.

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5 Reasons That Makes Cruise The Real Holidays

When it is about Holidays, one thing that makes it interesting is the multiple level of enjoyment that we feel inside of our hearts. Sailing through rivers, ocean inside luxury cruises might make into your next perfect vacation. Cruises are popular for their perfect mix of food, lodgings, travel and activities which are enjoyed by people of all ages. Here we are narrowing five best reasons that make Cruises as the real deal among holidays.

1. More Adventurous
They are simply more adventurous and opens up your inside curiosity to explore the whole world. As the Cruises have become truly global as you can book multiple countries book in one schedule. Enjoy the land, Sea, Beaches, Cultural heritage and modern architecture of foreign cities with ease of one holiday only. All the worries about customs, visas and transportation are taken with cruises. Tour guides are available on hire for avoiding any language barriers as you walk through the foreign land with ease. It is best for those who have the short time but want to enjoy more as Cruises often takes their multiple stops in ports during their long journeys.

2. Family Take Away
Yes you can bring your whole family on board at cruises as there are many which are specifically designed as full package deals. Special children activities and management is provided to take care of entire circumstances. One can even hire babysitters or nanny during their stay in the cruises. You can also opt for family rooms which are built with extra everything. Disney Cruises are world famous for all the entertaining activities for children’s and parents alongside. Once you have unpacked the luggage inside your rooms it will stay there for entire journey as you go from France to Spain to Greece so you enjoy hotels services while travelling.

 3.  Feel the Luxury
Modern Cruises have the ultimate luxury to feel and get comfortable with. During the early days these were the royal thing to have cruise holidays but now there are more affordable with Best Cruise Deals Now at special discounts. Bundle packages are available too that involve airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, meals with Cruises. Usually the top chefs are there on the cruises that cater to the multiple cuisines dinning. Special kid menus are there so they also can enjoy their best time in cruises as well like Milkshakes, ice creams, Chocolates and many more. For these busy and hectic modern times Cruises are considered the best choices to give complete holiday deals for you.

4. Memorable Memories
You are on holidays with complete family touring multiple famous destinations of the World. These memories will cherish with you forever enjoying the peculiarities of all places. Enjoy your sunshine in popular beaches, enjoy the bar and night as start fresh in the morning for new destination right away. Some cruises also give extra days to tour the port cities so holidays can be experienced with more time. For special occasions like your honeymoon these cruises will make dreamy holiday true.

5. Plan, execute and enjoy
Cruises sail through most of the world ocean with schedule timings so tourists can enjoy with fullest. Bookings are available online and you are pre-plan the whole itinerary for complete enjoyment during the cruise holidays. Bask in the sunshine beaches of Spain, France nightlife and Greece historical places everything you can plan for making your cruise make your dream come true.
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