Overview of Viking Cruises


Viking Cruises initially started these special river cruises around 1997 as a private owned company. It is widely popular for its River and Ocean Cruises along the main tourist places in the whole world. It has primary sales office in United States with second level branches at UK, Australia and as well some in Switzerland too. It has operational fleet of more than 60 vessels that are carrying tourists on their respective cruising. These ships have particular amenities to match modern day luxury demands with private verandas rooms, Owner’s Suite, lounges, dinning inside and outside, theatre, Sun deck with pools, and library for study, Nordic Spa, Yoga and Gym area for their tourists. Whereas complementary amenities on all ships include fitness center, Wi-Fi internet access, Scandinavia inspired spa, pool, hot tub, 24 hour room service, sauna, Snow Grotto, laundry, meal at ships restaurants, in-room televisions, port shore excursions, beer & wine with lunch and dinners respectively with espresso, latte and cappuccinos drinks available throughout your stay at the Cruise ships. You can also opt for special paid services which allows more enjoyment, fun and spirits of the holidays to the maximum.

These Cruises offers two distinct types of Cruise services Viking River Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises.  As the name Viking River Cruises caters to the specialist river across the world with mainly in European rivers with itineraries ranging from eight to 23 days for Main (Germany), Rhine(Switzerland – Austria – Liechtenstein – Germany), Danube (With 10 Countries), Seine (France to English Channel), Rhone (Switzerland – France), Elbe(Czezh – Germany) and Douro (Spain – Portugal) specifically. In Russia it cruises along the Volga and Svir offering scintillating views along the way. Dnieper River in Ukraine and Egypt cruises of Nile and Lake Nasser. In Asia they travel in China’s Yangtze River, Vietnam’s Mekong as well as Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River with some of these deal packages includes hotel stays and sightseeing at major dams like three gorges for making the most of Cruise travel.

Viking Ocean Cruises are more focused through main oceans of the world with major destinations ports specifically. This part of the Viking started around 2013 as competition to other major Cruise companies.  It caters Baltic & Northern Europe (Baltic Jewels and Viking Homeland), Mediterranean (Cities of Antiquity, Empires of the Mediterranean), Caribbean and the Americas (Cuba, Panama and Pacific, Eastern Seaboard and explorers), New Asian Cruises and World Cruises which are specially 120 to 140 days that travels 27 to 35 countries with multiple post stops and stays with ultimate luxury to make the most of your once in a lifetime holidays. Across the bay of Bengal form Mumbai to Bangkok, Alaska and the inside passage, Atlantic Crossing Miami to Barcelona, Atlantic Shores & Bermuda (Montreal to Florida), Australia and New Zealand, Bangkok Bali and Beyond, Barcelona, Baltic and Beyond, British Isle Explorers, Capitals of the Far East with Hong Kong to Beijing, Catalonia to Greece (Athens to Barcelona), Central American Shores and Cube are the new itineraries added with Viking tours.

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